Thursday, November 29th 2012

Sapphire Vapor-X CPU Cooler Launched

Sapphire officially launched the Vapor-X CPU cooler it talked about at trade shows earlier this year. It uses a vapor-chamber plate to draw heat from the CPU, and convey it to four 7 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes, which then pass through a dense aluminum fin stack, that's ventilated by two 120 mm PWM controlled fans (replaceable) in push-pull configuration. Spinning at speeds ranging between 495 and 2,200 RPM, the fans push 77 CFM of air, each. Measuring 135 x 110.4 x 163.5 mm, the heatsink weighs about 925 g. Nearly every modern client CPU socket type is supported, including Intel sockets LGA2011, LGA115x, LGA775, and AMD sockets AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2, and FM2/FM1. Expect a sub-$80 price.
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hmm interested, now lets find some review on that :D
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the plastic seems to close off the sides and like the shroud on a cars radiator, might improve cooling by forcing the air through the fins not out the sides. I would also like to see the reviews as I have always liked Saphires AMD cards they seem to produce good quality stuff.
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Cant to see how it performs.
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Pro Indian Modder
77CFM each means it will result in 77CFM. technically this should be on par, or below the Hyper212 evo
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This one is using a different approach than CoolerMaster vapor chamber cooler. I'm also interested in its performance.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
de.das.dude, post: 2788669"
not bad review. but would have been better if they arranged the graphs in ascending order. plus 22C for ambient is weird :p
Yeah, should be more like 19C.
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Gaming Moderator
Looks cool, and has better than average cooling scores with most others within the same type. I'd certainly consider this if i didnt use closed loop for sure.
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I like the big bulky design, would have liked if it was black though. I still have space for an 1155 cooler though :D
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Weighing in at a whopping 925g while the box is showing 171.34 tall… and they have two screws for attachment? They tested on one of those Cooler Master Test Bench v1.0 so they would'nt have any side load and it performed on the weak side. Wouldn’t appear you’d want it facing rear in a normal tower, those two screws would have it leaning over big time. It better have really stout mounting and backing plate, although sadly/oddly never shows the mounting brackets, so who knows. For AMD I hope they provided something more than the standard 2-point spring clip, for what this probably costs I hope the supply conversion for AMD to the 4-point set-up. While I wasn't impressed with that pic of the base, there looks like little protrusions at the top and doesn't seem all that flat.

Here's pics on the mounting/brackets, look like they convert both Intel/AMD to use their two screws and you can only face to rear exhaust so it will lean over time.

Not impressed... :wtf:
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