Tuesday, December 4th 2012

AMD and Ubisoft Collaborate to Deliver the Ultimate Far Cry 3 PC Gaming Experience

AMD today announced its collaboration with Ubisoft to support the highly anticipated next chapter in the "Far Cry" franchise, "Far Cry 3," launching today in North America. Developed in conjunction with the AMD Gaming Evolved program, "Far Cry 3" is fully optimized for a premium PC gaming experience, harnessing the power of AMD Radeon graphics including native support for AMD Eyefinity and AMD CrossFire technologies, enabling industry-leading multiscreen experiences and high-performance gaming. By working closely together, AMD and Ubisoft have enhanced the "Far Cry 3" experience, allowing gamers to become fully immersed in an epic struggle to survive in one of the most lawless and challenging PC gaming environments to date.

"AMD and Ubisoft have worked together to make 'Far Cry 3' a state-of-the-art gaming experience on the PC, the world's most powerful gaming platform," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. "The AMD Gaming Evolved program aims to put gamers and developers first, and we're making sure we deliver on our promise. By working with industry-leading developers like Ubisoft, we're not only helping to develop cutting-edge titles, we're also advancing the state of PC graphics for gamers."

Gamers can jumpstart their "Far Cry 3" experience - and reap huge savings - by immediately taking advantage of the AMD Radeon Never Settle bundle. With the purchase of an AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition, HD 7800 Series or HD 7900 Series GPU, gamers not only benefit from the award-winning performance of the AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series, they also receive a free download code for "Far Cry 3." This holiday season, AMD is making sure gamers can have it all - the best performance and graphics experience on one of the best PC gaming titles.

"Ubisoft is committed to developing industry-leading games that offer non-stop action, gritty storylines and deeply immersive gaming experiences, and the latest addition to the highly acclaimed 'Far Cry' franchise continues that tradition," said Dan Hay, executive producer on "Far Cry 3." "Through this relationship, Ubisoft worked with AMD and its Gaming Evolved program to develop a game that takes full advantage of the outstanding next-generation technologies offered by AMD Radeon graphics, which enable an incredible PC gaming experience."

By leveraging native support for AMD Eyefinity technology, "Far Cry 3" helps enable gamers equipped with AMD Radeon graphics to immerse themselves in a gaming environment unlike any other. With AMD Eyefinity technology, a single graphics card can support up to six monitors simultaneously, empowering gamers with the ability to experience the lush, exquisite jungles of "Far Cry 3" in panoramic, ultra-high detail. Gamers can also enable AMD CrossFire technology to harness the power of two or more AMD Radeon GPUs working in parallel for dramatically improved gaming performance.

Through the power and performance of the Graphics Core Next architecture, "Far Cry 3" leverages ground-breaking DirectX 11 graphics features to ensure the most visually dynamic and smooth gaming experience. These features include:
  • Direct3D 11 Deferred Rendering with Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing - Taking advantage of advanced Direct3D 11 features, "Far Cry 3" employs an optimized deferred renderer including tile-based light culling and fully supporting MSAA. The efficient integration of MSAA capability provides upgraded image quality over the post-process anti-aliasing techniques used by other deferred rendering engines;
  • Ambient Global Illumination System - "Far Cry 3" features an advanced real-time global illumination system capable of computing indirect or reflected lighting, enabling more visually coherent and realistic world rendering. On the PC, this system supports global illumination from dynamic lights in addition to distant light sources such as the sun and the sky;
  • DirectCompute Accelerated High Definition Ambient Occlusion - "Far Cry 3" implements a new and improved version of HDAO that uses full 3D camera space position data to detect valleys in the scene that should be shaded darker, and attenuates the lighting based on valley angle. In "Far Cry 3" this technique has been significantly improved in both performance and quality relative to previous implementations;
  • Advanced Skin and Hair Shading Models -The "Far Cry 3" advanced physically-based shading model is combined with approximated sub-surface scattering and rim lighting to render soft, natural-looking skin. Hair shading in "Far Cry 3" also achieves its realism via a special anisotropic lighting model.
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Is this game supporting FXAA as well?
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FXAA and MLAA usually work in any Direct3D game regardless of the engine used (even if it's defered shading which usually causes many problems to regular MSAA) since they are applied very late in the rendering pipeline (basically at the very end).
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How unfortunate it will be if NVIDIA's equivelants will perform better in FC3
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How unfortunate it will be if NVIDIA's equivelants will perform better in FC3
that's why i like AMD more than NVIDIA in term of business ethics especially on supporting game developer :laugh:

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:shadedshu AMD Gaming Evolved Game

From Techspot: http://www.techspot.com/review/615-far-cry-3-performance/page7.html
Final Thoughts

Both AMD and Nvidia have been working hard to show their graphics cards in the best possible light when playing Far Cry 3, with both camps releasing many performance-related driver updates in recent weeks. Naturally, we used the most recent versions -- Catalyst 12.11 Beta 11 and GeForce 310.70 -- in our benchmarks.

Right now, with the latest drivers, it seems that Nvidia has a slight edge over AMD, and this was particularly evident when looking at the ultra quality results with 4xMSAA enabled. This is surprising given that Far Cry 3 is part of AMD's Gaming Evolved program and is featured in their latest Never Settle gaming bundle.

Considering that, it seems reasonable to assume AMD's drivers would already be quite mature, and the company has previously boasted that Far Cry 3 is optimized for Radeon graphics cards. With that being the case, it's embarrassing that Nvidia's second-best card managed to outpace AMD's flagship when playing on max.

Therefore, if you plan to play Far Cry 3 using the highest possible in-game quality settings, you'll likely want a GeForce card. We found this to be true across all three resolutions tested (1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600 if you skipped ahead), as the GTX 680 and 670 consistently beat both versions of the HD 7970 and 7950.

You'll find similar results as you move down the food chain. On ultra, the $230 GTX 660 matched the $250 HD 7870. Similarly, on very high quality, the GTX 660 Ti was much faster than the HD 7950 and 7870, while the GTX 660 beat the 7850. AMD clearly has work to do if it wants to claim the performance crown in Far Cry 3.
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