Wednesday, December 5th 2012

AMD FX Compatible Indigo Xtreme from EK Water Blocks Now Available

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear provider, and U.S. based Enerdyne Solutions are proud to present the new and improved Indigo Xtreme applicator for AMD socket CPUs. This new version solves the re-flow issue on AMD FX series microprocessors and is now 100% compatible with the latest AMD FX series CPUs (both AM3+ Bulldozer & Vishera/Piledriver- as well as FM2 Trinity core).

EK-Supremacy Elite - AMD has also been updated with the latest version of Indigo Xtreme applicator and is also readily available for purchase through EK Webshop.

What is Indigo Xtreme?

EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme represents a whole new approach to high-performance cooling of your CPU.

EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme is an Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI) that fits neatly between a CPU lid and water block (or heat sink) to keep CPUs cooler. Unlike greases, metallic thermal interface pads or liquid metal alloys, Indigo Xtreme is a self-contained and sealed structure, deploying a Phase Change Metallic Alloy (PCMA) which reflows and fills surface asperities on the CPU lid and heat sink. Indigo Xtreme achieves high thermal performance through the optimized deployment of molten, oxide-free PCMA, thereby yielding low contact resistance and low bulk resistance. The resultant interfacial layer is void-free and robust, with low thermal contact and bulk resistance.

High Thermal Performance:
- Bulk thermal conductivity >20 W/mK
- Lowest overall thermal resistance of any TIM available today
- Superior performance right out of the gate

High Reliability:
- Fully sealed structure - no mess or migration
- Most consistent performance - applies the correct amount of alloy every time
- Gallium-free
- Laser-cut precision

User Friendly:
- Fully compatible with copper and aluminum surfaces
- Peel-and-stick application
- Easy clean up - just peel to remove

Extent of delivery:
- two (2) EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme applicators
- one (1) Indigo Xtreme Thermal Surface Cleaner
- one (1) pair of powder-free nitrile gloves
- cleanroom-grade dry wiper cloths
- installation manual
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4 Comments on AMD FX Compatible Indigo Xtreme from EK Water Blocks Now Available

So, this is just a very highly conductive TIM ? Can you apply this to an air cooler? Seems like it should be possible right?
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Yes you can use it with any cooler,i wonder if any one tried it on a GPU?
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you cant use it on a gpu, the TIM is those two plastic sheets with blue edges. the metal is heated by the processor and flows so that it covers the cpu heatspreader, it only fits the hetaspreder its designed for.
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