Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Club 3D Announces Impact Technologies Partnership

Club 3D, a worldwide supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, announces today its partnership with Impact Technologies UK for the distribution of graphics cards and accessories.

The partnership will help Club 3D establish and distribute a broad range of graphics boards in the United Kingdom. Impact Technologies UK will drive this business for Club 3D with its network of established dealers and partners across the UK territories. Impact Technologies UK and Club 3D plan to carry out promotions, marketing activities and interact on the social networking sites to create brand awareness in the channel and end user community.
With 15 years of experience, Club 3D designs and manufactures an extensive range of high-performance gaming peripherals such as graphics cards, switching power supplies, memory modules, accessories and sound cards. Club 3D is the European market leader and pioneer of a total solution for video graphics adapters and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Impact Technologies are an innovative distributor with a highly experienced team who, with their fresh ideas and customer focused ethos demonstrate a unique approach to distribution. Successfully forging close working relationships with similar minded manufacturers and customers, Impact Technologies are able to translate the unique features of Club 3D's products into the language that all UK companies focusing on high performance gaming components speak. This understanding is the basis of the relationship between Club 3D and Impact Technologies and will help both companies progress and grow.
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