Friday, December 14th 2012

DharmaPoint Intros DRTCKB91UP2 Gaming Keyboard

Gaming peripherals maker DharmaPoint announced the DRTCKB91UP2 compact gaming keyboard. Measuring 367 x 148 x 34 mm (WxDxH), it features a design that does away with the numpad key-cluster, much like CM Storm QuickFire Rapid, but unlike the QuickFire TK. It appears to use a gaming-grade membrane switches similar to the ones found on Microsoft Sidewinder X-series, with 20 million key-press lifecycle, its controller supports full N-key rollover over USB (like Microsoft's Sidewinder X-series). While it's completely devoid of hotkeys, it features hardware Win-key disable and turbo switches, in its 91-key QWERTY layout. It is priced around $60, and could present an alternative to more expensive mechanical compact keyboards.

Source: PC Watch
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yes but this is by the Dharma Initiative. Namaste!
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Editor & Senior Moderator
BumbleBee said:
yes but this is by the Dharma Initiative. Namaste!
Actually, DharmaPoint is a Japanese company, and "Dharma" (righteousness) is as much a Buddhist term that's part of East Asian cultures, as it is Hindu/Indian.
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That spacebar is way too small for me to even consider.
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Pro Indian Modder
old enter key layout, not interested :(

but the keyboard does look pretty
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Wow thanks for the link to 2 keyboards without numpads. I ordered an old IBM SpaceSaver II (don't want click-clack buttons) but seems like the eBay seller didn't come through after 1/2 month.
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I use a tenkeyless Filco. You get used to it after awhile - It's not nearly as bad as some make it out to be.

This keyboard though, eh. That key layout mixed with "gaming grade" membrane is a turnoff. Ew.
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Overclocking Surrealism
Not mechanical? Check
ISO style enter? Check
Small space-bar? Double Check
Piece of crap? Definitely.
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Now that I look closer, that looks just like the Japanese keyboard on my wife's Toshiba laptop. It's a pain to use for sure.
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