Monday, December 24th 2012

Merry Christmas from TechPowerUp!

We at TechPowerUp wish you a Merry Christmas! May you look back to the year that was as enriching and look forward to an even better 2013. We hope you gift and receive everything you appreciate in life, especially things rich in silicon.
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Vanguard Beta Tester
Merry Christ...mas

lets all celebrate and not forget what the real meaning of Christmas is all about. ;)
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Merry Xmas
Happy Holidays to all! whatever you're celebrating!
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merry christmas all of you!peace to everybody!from quebec canada.
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merry xmas and happy holidays! :toast:
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Super XP
Merry [SIZE="5"]Christmas to all[/SIZE] :)
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Liquid Cool
Merry Christ-mas to everyone at TPU!


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Frag Maniac
I prefer to just say Happy Holidays. I don't like to exclude any faiths at a time of year that we're desperately trying to avoid things such as war.

Thanks for the cheerful shout out to the community though TPU. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Maybe I'll break out that Stash Chocolate Hazelnut tea I bought to go with my ham, yams, roasted Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce!
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thx 4 everything tpu and all users, what a great site merrry chirstmas and happy new year all
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I just want to make this official.

Merry Christmas,

to the best forum on the net and all the forum buddy's I have

I am truly blessed to know you all
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no news for the 24th ? WHY!!!!
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1nf3rn0x said:
Merry Christmas from Australia :)
You beat me :(
Merry Christmas from Terra Australis!
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WCG-TPU Team All-Star!
Just want to say that as this is a time when many get together with friends and family, please party responsibly. Please don't drive while intoxicated, as we have seen the horrible result that leads from that all too often. If you feel ill, sick, in pain, unwell, etc please do not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. (Just yesterday day we found out about someone (relative of a friend) who had pain and finally went to the hospital, but too late: it ended very sadly!) Anyway the point is not to be overly morbid but to be smart :) That's the end of my rant.
Cheers TPU :toast:
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Merry Christmas to all who believe and happy holidays to the rest.
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Merry Christmas from Indonesia to all TPU members here, have a joyful holiday everyone :toast:
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may i post from PhotoGrid? :roll:

Merry Christmas and happy new year for all TPU members
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Awe this is shaping up to be a bangin xmas, already got one silicon rich gift, g.skill trident x ddr3 2133 16gb kit!!! wooo
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Merry Kissmyass everyone.

Lol, j/k.
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Happy holidays to everyone! :)
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~Technological Technocrat~
Merry Christmass TPU'ers! may we celebrate our many years together and the many years yet to come!
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95Viper said:
Merry Christmas, also, Happy Boxing Day and Second Christmas Day... To All.

No matter your faith or beliefs, may you find peace, happiness, and health in this holiday season!


I am, also, glad you are HOME this year.
And, may you ,always, be in the place you wish to be every Christmas from now on.:)
thanks dear friend, i am really appreciate that, Merry Christmas bro :toast:
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