Sunday, December 30th 2012

Wish You a Happy 2013!

TechPowerUp wishes you an awesome New Year's. 2012, the purported "Ides of March" for some, has come to pass without incident. For the tech world, it's been another eventful year. We look forward to 2013 with even more zeal, especially the kick in the butt that every new year brings to us: International CES, second week of January, and our on-ground coverage from 'Vegas.

So how was your 2012, and what do you most look forward to in 2013?
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For me, 2012 was a kind of turbulent year in some ways but I made it through. I hope 2013 goes better, graduating for my bachelor and this time no frigging family matters. I will also look forward to the release of Metro: Last Light, a new HDD I will order using C-mas money soon and scoring more BOINC points.
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I look forward to many things this new year. Tech related, I am looking forward to the watercooling gear I just ordered.
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MxPhenom 216
Corsair Fanboy
2012 was pretty good to me. Got a job I would never expected for myself seeing how im 19 and havent graduated college yet with a degree. Im a Lab Engineer at Microsoft working on rack mounted servers. Im pretty stoked for 2013 though. New Monster Energy Supercross season, new project plan for my rig, and transferring to a university to experience some of that real college life!
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It was a pretty turbulent year due to family and studies related issues. I hope 2013 turns out well. And I hope that Nvidia get rid of their damned GPU Boost. Or at least allow OEM's to make Custom Versions with GPU Boost disabled. And I hope AMD fares out well.
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Crap Daddy
Can't say it was a bad year but neither it was good. Glad it's over. But wait, there's a new year coming! Hope everything will be fine. Happy New Year to everybody here!
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2012 wasn't too bad, hope 2013 gets to be better. Happy new year to every one at TPU! :D
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Well tonite it is gonna happen no matter what you do or want, so let's just prepare for the incoming bad guy and barbecue him!!!!
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just hope and make it
i hope 2013 much much better than 2012
happy new year for everyone :toast:
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Crap Daddy said:
Can't say it was a bad year but neither it was good. Glad it's over. But wait, there's a new year coming! Hope everything will be fine. Happy New Year to everybody here!
My thoughts. Happy New Year to everybody! :) :toast:
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In 2012 it was transitioning from the military to a civilian job. Couldn't have found a better job.

In 2013 I look forward to: Running a few marathons, building a new computer, creating a website for my hometown, and buying a new house.
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2012 was ass. 2013 will also be ass too, but at least I have a 7870 to get me thru these ass times.
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Ferrum Master
Had a immediate DejaVU readi'n The Ides Of March

METAL ON with true music :P

Happy new year mates.

We all been milked like cows with intel selling the same, fake Thailand flooding damages, half crippled GPU's selling at full price etc :nutkick:

But next year? Quad HD expansion and USB3 reign as mobile chip-sets will have it natively also. ARM breakthrough more firmly in the server pie... overall smart-phones will start to eat up PC share, as the will become as portable core where you can attach mouse and monitor and use it as a workstation.

I forgot to add... we might expect next gen consoles at the last quarter of 2013.
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I am most looking forward to master programming skills and this year was really great.
I exceeded my expectation and wish everyone happy new year 2013!
The next year will be great for me if I work really really hard on programming.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Hopefully the world will finally end this year.
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Senior Monkey Moderator
Happy new year everyone. :toast:
I hope that 2013 turns out to be a great year for you and God bless you all.
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Overclocked quantum bit
2012 was so-so for me for various reasons and I hope that 2013 is better for me and to others.

Happy New Year! :toast:
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2012 had its ups and downs but now it is time to turn the page. Hope 2013 is a joyous, prosperous, and healthy New Year for all here at TPU. Happy New Year and God bless!! :toast:
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Happy New Year everyone! Let's make 2013 an awesome year for technology!
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Ides of march passed 9 months ago... Cesar has been dead for some time, LOL!

Happy New year TPU!
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Crap Daddy
I did it! I'm in 2013!

Happy New Year friends!
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I'm rather new on these forums, and I'm very grateful to everyone of you for being here, looking forward to be more active, Wish everyone a Happy New Year and we'll see ya in the next one!
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Black Panther
Senior Moderator™
Happy New Year!

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