Tuesday, January 8th 2013

Cooler Master Unveils the CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced PC Case

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer announces the latest addition to the CM Storm case lineup: The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced.

More cooling
The CM Storm Scout 2 was a feast for every power user that has dozens of fans already at home and thus did not want to pay too much for a case which has fans he or she does not need. Now Cooler Master also offers a solution for the users that do not have an unlimited supply of fans, but do want to enjoy a full features case with steel reinforced handles, removable HDD cages, slide out dust filter in the bottom and a sliding cover to protect the 2 USB 3.0 ports on the IO panel. The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced features a total of three 120 mm fans of which the two front fans are enriched by red LED lights.

More choice
The CM Storm Scout 2 offered one 2.5" bracket for the user's needs. The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced goes one level further than this and offers a total of two 2.5" brackets to suit more advanced needs. This makes the Advanced version the perfect choice for the enthusiast that needs a lot more space.

Next to Gun Metal Grey and Midnight Black the Scout 2 Advanced will be available in a third, possibly even more attractive, color: Ghost White. These three models will be available by the End of January 2013 (this will vary per region) for a recommended price of €109.99.
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