Tuesday, January 29th 2013

Genius Redesigns the Pen Mouse

Genius, after receiving great reception for its Pen Mouse from consumers, has introduced the carbon grey Pen Mouse with a redesigned shape for improved grip and pen clip for portability. Using 2.4 Ghz wireless technology, Genius' Pen Mouse, shaped like a fountain pen, allows users to sit back in their chair and use their leg, palm, or any number of unconventional surfaces, as a mouse pad. Even while standing or giving presentations users can use Pen Mouse to control their PC.

Not just a convenient mousing option, Pen Mouse also helps those with wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome as it prevents aggravating injuries unlike regular mice as it does not require use of the wrist.
This mouse functions on almost any surface, including your palm, with its three dpi settings, switchable between 400/800/1200 dpi to accommodate various sensitivity preferences. A slight, downward push activates the left-click, while right-click and flying-scroll buttons, towards the tip of the Pen Mouse, give users a brand new mousing experience that is both comfortable and accurate. Pushing the flying-scroll button and vertically or horizontally moving the Pen Mouse produces fast and convenient scrolling.

The wireless Pen Mouse connects to desktops and notebooks via USB with a very small, Pico dongle. Powered by a single AAA battery, Genius' Pen Mouse enters a power-saving sleep-mode when not in use. To start mousing again, simply press any button. Also, provided is a carrying case that protects the Pen Mouse and dongle when traveling.

The Pen Mouse in new carbon grey or silver color options is now available in the US for the suggested retail price of $49.99. More product information available here.
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8 Comments on Genius Redesigns the Pen Mouse

Want gaming version?!? :laugh:

Seems kinda neat to me. I would certainly like to try one but I would not buy it.
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Imagine harcore gaming with this pen thingie. And imagine the looks of the competitors on professional LAN events LMAO
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I wonder what it would feel like if somebody with this beat you at a game like Starcraft
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Only 1200 dpi, not fast enough for gaming IMHO. Might be good for office applications though.
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Its all good till the power goes out lol
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Make it have a max of 5000dpi, case be made of one peice of aluminum, and a mechanical switch to click. Need to make it rageproof too. :laugh: I would laugh so hard if they did it.
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No laser pointer? fail.
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BarbaricSoul said:
Only 1200 dpi, not fast enough for gaming IMHO. Might be good for office applications though.
Only 1200 dpi? I'm using an old MS Laser Mouse 6000 @ 800DPI and cannot be more happier. Besides, what do you need so many DPI's for a pen-mouse?? This is not usable to play 3D shooters or RPG games...i think...
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