Tuesday, February 12th 2013

Shuttle Announces X70S All-in-One Desktop

Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH, the European subsidiary of Shuttle Inc., one of the leading developers and manufacturers of compact PC solutions such as the world-renowned XPC Mini-PC Barebones, expands its range of All-in-One PCs with integrated monitors and adds a 46.7 cm (18.5") version to its original 39.5 cm (15.6") machines.

As well as offering a larger display, the new Shuttle All-in-One Barebone X70S also provides significantly more power. For the first time conventional Intel desktop processors can be used for the LGA1155 socket, e.g. Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (up to 65 W TDP, heatpipe-cooled). DDR3 RAM up to a total of 16 GB can be installed in the two SO-DIMM slots. The 5.7 x 46.8 x 36.4 cm (DWH) chassis of the X70S also has space for a 2.5" drive (SSD/HDD) as well as expansions via the Mini-PCIe slot, which can be fitted, for example, with an mSATA module.
The new model comes with Wi-Fi, webcam, microphone and stereo speakers for communication and media playback. Connectors for external speakers and microphone are also available. A second monitor can be hooked up via the HDMI interface. There are 2x USB 3.0 and 6x USB 2.0 ports on the side of the machine. The integrated card reader can read and write to standard SD memory cards.

The two Gigabit network cards of the X70S, up to three serial interfaces (COM) and a parallel interface (LPT) make the system suitable for unconventional applications. If you remove the pedestal at the rear of the machine, the X70S can be fitted to a VESA wall mount, monitor arm or floor stand.

"We envisage the X70S being used in the digital signage segment, as a service terminal at POI, as a till system at POS or simply as a powerful desktop PC, depending on configuration," says Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH. "With its size, this machine fills an interesting gap and opens up interesting scenarios in combination with a second monitor."

With the separately available PCL70 accessory, the X70S can be expanded with two additional serial interfaces (COM) and a parallel interface (LPT).

The recommended retail price for the Shuttle All-in-One Barebone X70S is EUR 452.00 (ex VAT). This product is available now. For more information, visit the product page.
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I've quite liked Shuttle as a brand for many years, but if I am honest I've used very few of their products since their prime when they shipped the best SFF barebone cubes. For a few generations in S478 onward into S939 I used those for just about anyone wanting an HTPC, small gaming/LAN pc, or anyone who had a relative with limited needs wanting something affordable, quiet, and small. Once they stopped focusing on those and went into full swing with the Atom systems I really lost interest in most of their products because when you shop Atom you tend to shop price given that features tend to be pretty much in parity when you are talking about SFFs using Intel chipsets. Stuff like this may have some use as they say via terminals, POS, digital signage, etc but I really want Shuttle to go back to making SFF barebones the way they used too. Put some real innovation back into that design now that we have such powerful 2.5" solutions, high density 3.5s, and very little need for 5.25s. I'd like to see a modern take on the classic design focused around mSATA, a slim optical, and a few 2.5/3.5 bays.

The SZ77R5 at $350 is solid but it has it's issues and it is the same basic design Shuttle has had since the S478 days. There is no reason they couldn't adjust the dimensions a bit and make it work well with the self contained water cooling systems, or use better power supply designs like the PicoPSU-type on the cheaper models that are limited to 35w or 65w chips.

But I will say this...to my knowledge, all of the Shuttle SFF boxes that I put together all those years ago are still running. The SFF HTPC I built for my brother just got a hard drive upgrade recently and cleaned out the heatsink, put some new paste on there and I fully expect it to keep going another 10 years. Original powersupply was replaced about 4 years ago, but other than that is has been running 24/7 since the early 2000s.
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Does anyone but HP make and AIO with an MXM slot?

Hint-Massive gap in the market right there OEMs
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Jul 1st, 2022 19:32 EDT change timezone

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