Friday, March 8th 2013

Thermaltake Announces Non-interference Cooler Series

Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units announces the most innovative product, NiC Series CPU Coolers. Incorporating the latest proprietary technology, Thermaltake introduces to the world the all new NiC series (consisting of the F3, F4, C4, and C5), inspired from its name "non-interference cooler", fully compatible with RAM of all kinds, ideally for power users who fill their RAM slots with taller high-end overclocked RAM. This also brings the air cooler industry another level towards silence, performance and compatibility.
Uninterrupted New Standard
Unlike traditional tower coolers, the new NiC Series coolers solve the problem where high performance RAM and CPU coolers cannot co-exist in the past. It achieves the best RAM clearance allowing users to install high end overclocking RAM with ease.

Overclock design
The NiC lineup consists of the F3, F4, C4, and C5, with TDP ratings of 160W, 180W, 200W and 230W respectively. Heat is conducted from the CPU onto the cooler through the thick nickel coated copper base and then onto the aluminum fins with 3 - 5 Φ6mm U-shaped heat-pipes. This ensures the best possible heat dissipation. Furthermore, users can opt for something smaller and cooled with a single 120mm fan, or go for coolers that have shrouds to contain the air flow, or go with a pair of 120mm fans to allow for the best performance of both selections of the Nic series line.

Curved Aluminum Fins
Aluminum fins are specially designed in a curved shape to reduce backpressure and at the same time maximize airflow through them. The 0.4mm thick aluminum fins also increase the overall thermal dissipation area.

Integrated 120mm PWM/VR fan
Single 120mm PWM fan (F3), dual 120mm PWM fans (F4) with automatically adjustable silent fan blades at a range of 800-1600rpm; or both VR fans (C4/C5) are contacted to an adjustable fan speed knob where the fans speed can be manually adjusted from 1000-2000rpm. Convenient tool-less fan clip design makes installation a breeze.

NiC Series, the all new CPU air cooler design which features a slim tower side flow design, 120mm PWM/VR Fan, efficiently optimizes cooling performance while allowing optimized compatibility with RAM of all kinds and also enabling the user to adjust the fan speed more conveniently.

For more information, visit the product pages of NiC F3, NiC F4, NiC C4, and NiC C5.
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8 Comments on Thermaltake Announces Non-interference Cooler Series

This would go well with MSI's new gaming boards and VGA.
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Anyone else think Network Interface Controller when they read the acronym nic? Or is it just me? I was trying to think of what this cooler had to do with networking, thinking perhaps they were designed to cool the controller chip but I couldn't fathom a cooler that large for that purpose. :P
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Just got up from a nap...for a moment I thought these were psu when I clicked the link :ohwell:
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The idea is logical but the cooling performance needs to be top shelf to compete with existing models from other companies or it's just another marketing gimmick that most PC enthusiasts would not embrace - especially with the garish color scheme.
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Oh, non interference meaning enough clearance.
Oh, my non informativeness is beyond non plausibility.
(actually I'm surprised that last statement passed spell check test)
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It's gonna be a bitch having to remove that black shroud (and possibly having to uninstall the heatsink?), when you want to clean it. Compressed air/gas can only do so much. :(

PS. If the fans are mounted higher/heatsink is taller for RAM clearance, I can't tell from the pics.
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I really hate those metal clips that hold the fans on
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