Thursday, March 14th 2013

Team Group Announces C12F and C12G Flash Drives

Team Group Inc., one of the leading memory manufacturers in the world, introduces two brand new and unique compact flash drives, Team C12F and Team C12G, both provided with USB 2.0 interface. With modernistic features and vibrant colors, it is bound to offer you the greatest satisfaction that you seek in a flash drive.

Featuring metallic finishing and hairline patterns, Team C12F emits a simplistic and sophisticated style. It comes with three distinctive designs, romantic blue tower, flaming red Ferris wheel, and calm-colored urban building. The architectural features are the representation of modern style and personal characteristics. The body of Team C12F is surprisingly designed to be a bookmark in shape. That gives you extra practicality and experiences, absolutely making it an outstanding selection when you are choosing a portable storage device.
Team C12G highlights its compact, delicate size and emphasizes on easy portability. It is easily combined with your cell phone with a string, and turns into a stylish accessory/storage device. In addition, C12G comes in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Sharing valuable files, music, films and pictures with the most intimate family members and friends cannot be any easier at anytime and anyplace.

As a leading provider of memory storage products to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services.
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3 Comments on Team Group Announces C12F and C12G Flash Drives

I just can't wait to get may hands on a "modernistic and vibrant colored" flash drive. THIS is what I have been looking forward to all my life. I knew that someday, someone would finally answer my prayers... Are they available in sublime green?
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Only interesting are C12G models. These nano drives are great for car stereo so it looks like its part of the dashboard and there is no way of breaking them off by mistake. Only thing that makes no sense is the USB 2.0. WHY!? It's 2013 and they still stick stupid USB 2.0 on everything. Isn't it a time already to start pushing USB 3.0 on everything instead of giving more reasons not to use USB 3.0 ports more?
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USB 2.0 is still the "default" industry std. used by most devices. USB 3.0 usually requires an additional "chip" increasing cost and prevent 100% compatibility.
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