Monday, April 22nd 2013

NVIDIA Working on GeForce GTX TITAN Ultra and GTX TITAN LE

A little later this week, AMD will launch its Radeon HD 7990 "Malta" graphics card. All eyes are on AMD, with regards to how the company decides to price the card, regardless of how it ends up performing. If it ends up destabilizing NVIDIA's $999 comfort-zone enjoyed by GeForce GTX TITAN and GTX 690, the company could be forced to either lower pricing, or introduce new SKUs based on the GK110 silicon, especially with the crucial summer shopping season around the corner.

According to a report, NVIDIA could launch not one, but two new SKUs based on the GK110 chip, the GTX TITAN "Ultra", and the GTX TITAN "LE." GTX TITAN LE has turned the rumor mills for some time now. It's being rumored to be a slightly scaled down version of the GTX TITAN, with 2496 CUDA cores, 208 TMUs, 40 ROPs, and a narrower 320-bit wide memory interface, holding 5120 MB of memory. There could be a third GK110 SKU in the works, the GTX TITAN Ultra.
The GTX TITAN Ultra, according to the report, is a minor upscale of the original GTX TITAN. The GTX TITAN doesn't fully utilize the component loadout of the GK110 silicon, leaving an inactive streaming multiprocessor cluster (SMX). The GTX TITAN Ultra could see NVIDIA enabling all components on the GK110, with 2880 CUDA cores and 240 TMUs. NVIDIA could restructure its high-end product stack pricing to accommodate the two new SKUs. GeForce GTX 690 could gradually phase out; GTX TITAN LE could occupy a price-point within the US $599-699 range; GTX TITAN between $940-980, and GTX TITAN Ultra at $1000 or over.Source:
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Ravenas said:
PC builders are buying more cards or PC manufacturers? :nutkick:
You tell me. nVidia make money, AMD... not so much. :nutkick:
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Ikaruga said:
Dream Prices, but have no idea if they are legit or not (probably not imo).
I would jizz my pants if those prices were true. And I bet AMD managers would pee in theirs. :eek:
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Still seeing rumours the le version will be the new 780gtx with gk 104 ?? As 《770 gtx but a new stepping of gk104
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I want to see AMD drop the HD 9800XT bomb like old school days!! :cool:
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Eagleye said:

In Q3/Q4 2012 there were a few tech sites that said; Nvidia would release GK110 (now called Titan) as the new 7 series if AMD released the 8 series. nvidia have done exactly that but changed the names so they could charge a premium.

If the Titan SKU`s were supposed to be the nvidia GTX 7 series, then expect at least a few (2/3) more SKU`s based on it.

Can`t wait to see this happen all over again on the 20nm.
Funny you mention this huh??? Look at the article today.... Shows that I do actually got a source huh?
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Senior Moderator
With the news today, things make a little bit more sense now. :)
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OneCool said:
I want to see AMD drop the HD 9800XT bomb like old school days!! :cool:
me too, and i think they will with either that real 8970 GCN2 (Curaçao) in october or with Vulcanic Islands next year :)
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ensabrenoir said:
...... that's the double edged sword to being an enthusiast.... there will always come something has to either settle.....or sell and move on to the next. There are many who will buy last gen high end tech so the cost of the new wont be as much it appears...all part of the food chain. buy a titan for $999 sell it for $650 to $700 add another $300 buy latest. After first initial purchase price each upgrade cost around $300... not too bad
True. Who's selling? =8)~:roll:
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