Monday, April 29th 2013

Corsair in Acquisition Talks with Blackstone Group Consortium Member

Even as Corsair is looking to raise $78 million through an initial public offering (IPO), with a share price of $13, the company is reportedly in talks with Francisco Partners, a tech startup-focused venture capital company, over its possible acquisition. Francisco Partners was part of the consortium, which was led by Blackstone Group, to acquire Dell. This came to light when CNN unearthed an regulatory filing (PDF). Another theory doing rounds states that Corsair and Francisco Partners could be exploring other options than a buyout. In 2011, Corsair reported a revenue of $455 million, with net income of $19 million. In Q1 2012, it reported $132 million revenue, with $3 million net income. Corsair specializes in a wide range of gaming- and enthusiast-PC hardware, and peripherals.
Sources: CNN, LegitReviews
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LAN_deRf_HA said:
I do own Corsair products, but they keep disappointing me. It's not all rosy sunshine. I've had maybe 4 of their CLC products. Those are hit and miss. Terrible fans on all of them, sometimes a bearing like pump noise. And my 550D problems are a bit much to get into, QC and design issues. I don't like companies that take my money in exchange for half-assed products. I did like my HX850, but it failed on me and there's only so many metrics for me to judge a psu by and failing is def. not a positive.

I would presume their ram is still good. Harder to screw that up, but I couldn't say since it's more than twice the cost of the competition. Really as a company I could take it or leave it, but I guess my opinion is skewered because they've been successful in making me buy their stuff over other brands. Maybe everybody sucks. I know my last case, a Lian Li, was 10x better quality, but behind the time on features.
What do you dislike about the 550d? I have one and am quite fond of it. It was everything I was looking for in a case at the time.

I find it funny that you guys all want bigger cases like the 900d or a larger 550d. I would love it if they made a very compact matx case 550 style. One reason corsair is great is because they do have such a full product line and that it is not so far fetched to wish for such cases.

I am worried that being bought will diminish them. It might not happen right away but... I don't know. It might of happened anyways.
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Corsair are overrated. They're good, but not enough to deserve being the default choice they seem to be for RAM and PSUs. Their peripherals are far from great, but again seem immensely popular. Their AIO coolers and cases are the only things that seem to get appropriate praise.

I almost hope getting bought might bring them down a peg or two, simply to level out the market a bit.
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Pro Indian Modder
corsair rocks. i have heard only good stories about their reliability and service.
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Vancha said:
They're good, but not enough to deserve being the default choice they seem to be for RAM and PSUs
Maybe their lower-end stuff is debatable, but their top lines are some of the best for typical PC builders, like the PSUs made by Seasonic and Flextronics, and the Dominator Platinum that runs tighter timings than all the rest. Their Neutron GTX SSDs are also in the top 5 for performance, maybe top 3 for reliability.
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