Wednesday, May 8th 2013

BitFenix Reveals Prodigy Green and Blue

Almost one year ago, BitFenix launched the Prodigy - a mini-ITX chassis that makes no compromises. Today, BitFenix is pleased to announce two new members to the Prodigy line up - Prodigy Green and Prodigy Blue. Sporting two exciting new colors and a window side panel, these two new models take the awesome features and styling of the original Prodigy and revamp it for a new year.

New Colors, New Options
The flexibility offered by this mini-ITX dynamo sparked the creative fires of builders everywhere, resulting in a virtual avalanche of unique builds. Prodigy Green and Blue, with their standard window side panels, make it easy for users to show off their creations. And with two luscious color options - Vivid Green and Cobalt Blue - Prodigy Green and Blue owners will have no trouble attracting attention at the next LAN party.

Of course, these new models come with all the same features that made Prodigy the mini-ITX case of choice for thousands of users around the world. From the clean, uncluttered design to the choice materials like FyberFlex Composite and SofTouch Surface Treatment, Prodigy Green and Blue users will experience the same BitFenix quality that has brought the original Prodigy to the top of the charts.

On the inside, users will find plenty of room for up to five 3.5" HDDs or 2.5" SSDs, as well as long graphics cards up to 320 mm in length. Removing the BitFenix FlexCage gives room for the thickest 240 mm radiators, and the standard ATX power supply cage enables builders to power their mini-rigs with choice PSUs.

BitFenix fans around the world will be able to get their hands on Prodigy Green and Prodigy Blue beginning late May once they arrive on store shelves.
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6 Comments on BitFenix Reveals Prodigy Green and Blue

I like the Blue one, though I prefer the other type of Blue that they shared on FB a while back.

(The left one + white accents would be my favorite)

But, I guess they made a poll and most people prefer the other one. Still, great color option though. :)
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With all these "new" colours, one question still remains: Have they improved the paint quality?

My black Prodigy has a sub - standard paint job. :(
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Ooh, cool. The blue one will lower your temperatures, while the green one will improve your power consumption, thus lowering your carbon footprint.
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<3 the green one, it would cool to do a high end green themed build in it.
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If I'd have more space on my workbench and more know-how of painting, I'd paint it myself as I please. Another idea is to talk to one of my painjob wizzard friends... Either way, no surprise, but this case is very high up in my mITX components list build projects.
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