Thursday, June 6th 2013

CM Storm Reaper Mouse Presents a Compact Palm-grip Option

CM Storm showed off its Reaper gaming mouse, which features a unique compact right palm-grip optimized design. What makes it unique is it doesn't come across as flabby as other palm-grip mice, and can be clawed onto comfortably. It measures about 75 x 35 x 130 mm (WxHxL). It offers eight programmable buttons, under its hood are Omron-made switches, and an Avago 9800 sensor with 8,200 dpi resolution, 150 ips velocity, and 30 g acceleration. An onboard 128 KB memory stores your button layouts. The Reaper's body uses an aluminum scroll-wheel (not faux-chrome plastic), an aluminum panel on the top that shimmers under the soft glow of a white LED, and rubberized plastic. The 1.8 m long cable is fiber-braided.
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2 Comments on CM Storm Reaper Mouse Presents a Compact Palm-grip Option

I want that mouse wheel on my mouse.
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I know it sounds a little to picky but 35mm tall isn't tall enough imo for a mouse that long and that wide...40-45mm would be just right imo...They did a good job with the side button placement I just think another 5mm and it'd be the perfect least for me.
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