Friday, June 7th 2013

Lepa Also Shows Off Contingent of New PSUs

At the end of the day, Lepa started off as a PSU maker, and that's where its expertise lies. The company unveils several new PSUs at Computex, the most notable of which smiled for our cameras. Things start off with the new MX series mainstream PSUs, which offer semi-modular cabling with flat peripheral cables, a single +12V rail design, and up to 86 percent efficiency. These units come in 450W (N450-MA), 550W (N550-MA), and 650W (N650-MA) variants. The 450W model is good for most single graphics card builds, the 550W and 650W ones can take on dual-graphics card setups.

Moving on, Lepa unveiled the BM "MaxBron" series 80 Plus Bronze certified mid-range PSUs, which come in 450W (B450-MB), 550W (B550-MB), 650W (B650-MB), 700W (B700-MB), 800W (B800-MB), and 1000W (B1000-MB) variants. The 450W is good for single card builds, 550W thru 700W for dual-card builds, and 800W thru 1000W for triple-card ones. These units feature semi-modular cabling with flat modular cables, a colorful rubber/silicone frame lining the unit's edges called Anti3s Q-Brick, which absorbs vibrations to reduce noise, and a hydraulic bearing 135 mm fan.
Next up, Lepa showed off the GM "MaxGold" line of 80 Plus Gold certified premium units. Available in 500W (G500-MB), 600W (G600-MB), 700W (G700-MB), 800W (G800-MB), and 1000W (G1000-MB), these units feature semi-modular flat peripheral cabling, the same Anti3s Q-Brick rubber/silicone edge lining that absorbs vibrations that's featured on MaxBron, support for Core "Haswell" low-power C-states, and a single +12V rail design.

Leading the pack, is the new P-series 80 Plus Platinum-certified high-end PSUs. Available in high-capacities of 1050W (P1050-MA), 1375W (P1375-MA), and 1700W (P1700-MA, available only in regions with 230VAC domestic power), these units offer completely modular flat cabling, compliance with ErP Lot6 2013 standards, support for Core "Haswell" low-power C-states, 105°C-safe Japanese components, and a durable 135 mm ball-bearing fan.
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