Wednesday, October 18th 2006

Intel "Bearlake" Plans Unveiled

Bearlake is Intel’s upcoming replacement for the current Broadwater 96x series of chipsets and expected to arrive in 2007. Six variants of Bearlake are expected in the form of Bearlake-Q, Bearlake-QF, Bearlake-X, Bearlake-P, Bearlake-G+ and Bearlake-G. Intel’s upcoming Bearlake series has been named the “3 Series.” On the vPro side of things, Bearlake-Q and Bearlake-QF have been named Intel Q35 and Q33 Express respectively. Consumer high end chipsets Bearlake-X and Bearlake-P will receive the Intel X38 and P35 Express names respectively while mainstream Bearlake-G+ and Bearlake-G receive the Intel G35 and G33 names. Intel’s upcoming X38 Express chipset is expected to replace the current Intel 975X Express chipset. The X38 Express brings new features such as PCI Express 2.0 compatibility as well as two full speed PCI Express x16 slots. DDR3 1333 will be the memory standard of choice. On the premium and mainstream side of things is Intel’s G33, G35 and P35 Express chipsets. Intel’s upcoming G33 Express chipset will feature a graphics core that features Intel Clear Video Technology. Memory support on G33 Express will be limited to DDR3-1066 or DDR2-800. Front-side bus speeds of 1333 MHz are supported with the mainstream G33 Express. Stepping up a notch is the G35 Express which features a DirectX 10 compatible graphics core. G35 Express will fully support high definition content playback with HDCP protection. DDR3-1066, DDR2-800 and a 1333 MHz front-side bus are also supported. Intel’s P35 Express will be similar to G35 Express except with the integrated graphics core removed. Intel’s X38, G33, G35 and P35 will be paired with upcoming ICH9, ICH9R and ICH9DH south bridges. Go to DaiyTech's news blog to learn more details. Source: DailyTech
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Glad I waited and didn't just jump on conroe right when it came out.
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NamesDontMatter said:
Glad I waited and didn't just jump on conroe right when it came out.
This is exactly WHY I wait 3-5 years between FULL SYSTEM PC purchases!

I.E.-> Everytime I have waited to put together a totally NEW system, I get almost LITERALLY a doubling of power vs. the machine a new one replaces here (often relegating my older rigs to SQL Server & IIS duty, period).


* If you wait a number of years before getting a totally new rig, you get HUGE power increases, & we all KNOW this...


P.S.=> The MOST I end up doing usually, is the make my older rig get SOME updates when prices fall on things like CPU's & memory... sometimes, I'll even do a better vidcard, but that is rare... apk
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So this means full 16X Crossfire support? Does any1 think AMDAti will let this happen? What about SLI?
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