Wednesday, July 31st 2013

Zalman Announces Reserator 3 CPU Cooler

Zalman formally announced Reserator 3 closed-loop liquid CPU cooler, which has been in the news since November 2012. The Reserator 3 another of Zalman's attempts at a modern liquid CPU cooler that comes with its major components pre-assembled, coolant filled, and loop closed, following last year's CNPS20LQ, which uses an Asetek-based design. Its design integrates elements from the company's classic CNPS line of CPU air-coolers, and generous amounts of chrome-plating, and LED lighting. Handling heat dissipation to air, is a heatsink that uses a series of coolant tubes and heat pipes; instead of a conventional liquid-cooling radiator. This heatsink is ventilated by a 120 mm custom-design fan. Zalman claims that the cooler can handle thermal loads as high as 400W, making it fit for some really hot chips like AMD's FX-9590. Zalman didn't announce pricing.
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COMCAM said:
I bet the pump will make heat, so this thing will not lower temps as any would assume since heat from the pump makes the water warm already.

I dont like any close loops because designers place the pump close to the cpu/chip
This is the main problem with actual AIO systems... But nobody consider it...

LAN_deRf_HA said:
According to Switftech putting the pump on the block improves performance due to the direct flow on the fins.
But the pump makes alot of heat even a D5 or Laing DDC makes heat and all that heat is warming the waterblock also the water...
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BiggieShady said:
Sir, physics is on your side - multi channel rads with sandwiched fins should have greater surface for heat dissipation ... I wonder how are they marketing this as 400W cooler
I'm sure it'll dissipate 400w, but the question is at what rise over ambient.
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If the reviews are good, I'm definitely going to get this. Fanboy of Zalman reporting in.
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i have to say they make it good
at least the design..
but i guess we need some test before put some verdict
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