Thursday, October 19th 2006

The newest Optimus - the Optimus Upravlator

Everyone knows about the Optimus keyboard and the Optimus Mini Three. Art Lebedev Studio has now unveiled their newest strike of genius - the Optimus Upravlator. Keeping with the theme of LCD buttons you actually get 12 of them this time. There are a lot of possible uses for this. The monitor behind the buttons is 10.4 inches large and features a resolution of 640x480. Each button is "4-way" with a fifth center button. The unit should be available in Q2 2007.

Source: Art. Lebedev Studio
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5 Comments on The newest Optimus - the Optimus Upravlator

This looks like something out of a 1980s movie... "behold the future". Kinda looks like a playschool made toy for aviation also.
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Yeah, we need more PC "toys"... or NOT.
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This is a very odd product. Large touch screen displays, or even small ones like on a PDA, are far superior... since they have a much greater display capability and input ability. WHY would anyone want this product? If anyone can think of an application that cannot be better servered by a PDA type screen, please post here. I'm very curious...

(actually, industrial applications where the user is wearing gloves might be one application... but I also think rotary click knobs, or throw-switchs, are better, since they have more "positive feedback" and are less prone to mis-selection. A rotaty knob also has the opportunity to input the "amount" or "level" desired)
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ah but if your using rotary knobs your not as techie!:P you know thats more important than production.
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