Wednesday, August 28th 2013

Cooler Master Unveils the Elite 130 Mini-ITX Chassis

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today announced the brand new Elite 130 M-ITX chassis. The Elite 130 improves upon the popular Elite 120 and brings about even more value added features. It does so while keeping an elegant, yet demure exterior.

Small, Yet Powerful
Elite 130 is among the most compact, yet fully featured chassis for high performance M-ITX computing. Included is a large mesh front panel that offers reserved styling while allowing extreme airflow. Elite 130 is designed to fit in the most minute available desk space while supporting high performance hardware. A pleasing, clean exterior design conceals the true performance parts contained within the Elite 130.
Full Range of Cooling & Hardware Support
Taking a no compromise approach, Elite 130 offers support for the highest-end dual slot graphics cards such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN and AMD Radeon HD7990. This extends to allowing the install of full length ATX power supplies so users don't have to search for compact or proprietary power supply sizes. Those with extensive storage needs can fit up to one 5.25" bay device and 5 HDDs and/or SSDs.

Dual Super Speed USB 3.0 ports provide convenient front panel access to some of the newest and fastest portable storage and devices. Those that are interested in expanding into liquid cooling, DIY or AIO, will find ample space for a thick 120 mm radiator in the front of the Elite 130. With the Elite 130, users can build the power and cooling of a full desktop PC without sacrificing precious space.

The Elite 130 is available now.
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12 Comments on Cooler Master Unveils the Elite 130 Mini-ITX Chassis

Most important question: Price?

This is one sexy case if you ask me
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Fourstaff, post: 2969101"
Most important question: Price?

This is one sexy case if you ask me
About 50 dollars after tax. You can get it on Amazon right now; however, the shipping is estimated to be shipped out within 1 to 3 months.
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Not that much difference between the elite 120 huh.

Edit: Oh nvm the price is still good after all.
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naraku, post: 2969149"
Not that much difference between the elite 120 huh.
Seems to be just the removable HD cage and and slight styling alterations.
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5 3.5" drives? Or 5 2.5"?
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Sexy case indeed, too bad I already have Bitfenix Prodigy for HTPC/Wife's PC. I just want to see what the next Stacker will look like.
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Oh I would so get this, but the new bitfenix prodigy is also temping! DECISIONS!
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the front mesh is a good improvement
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Spare some Change?
Rethought this case

AT first I was like awesome, looks better then the 120 and cures its deficiencies. On second thought you know the 120 exterior I like better with the aluminum and the dark plastic. Now with that said the Sugo Sg07 is still the best mini Itx. Why? First off looks has that aluminum and unique face, the 120 is similar in looks. Next having one large 180mm penetrator fan is awesome. It just blows away all other mini Itx cases. You see when you want small I think simple and efficient also applies as well. This case keeps cool and quiet. It is also the right size fitting in the sugo bag or large carry on wheeled suit case. Quit the comments of Prodigy. The Prodigy is basically a mini atx case and those handles are wobbly that it sits on. It just looks cheap and is too big to be included in the discussion. The 130 and 120 only have a 120mm fan! They have a useless side fan as well. Come on Coolermaster you guys have some great products, why not put a 140mm in the front. Also you are missing the boat on one of your popular cases the Scout. Why not shrink that down to mini itx size? I mean would be one of the few cases that has a handle and give it the looks of the first gen scout and you have a huge winner there
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I've worked with 120, and I can say 130 is definitely a huge improvement over it specifically an option to mount 120mm radiator internally without doing any mods. 2x USB 3.0 in the front instead of 1x, and ssd racks / placement on the 5" bay. Also retains 120's small itx compact form that is far superior to bitfenix prodigy in terms of utilizing space. It can also fit a standard ATX psu giving you a much wider PSU selection and longevity versus SG07's "custom sized" bronze psu (imagine if years later, they would stop producing those SG07 psus).
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