Friday, October 4th 2013

Patriot Introduces the Viper 3 Low Profile Memory Kits

Patriot Memory has now announced its latest memory offering targeting gamers and overclockers, the Viper 3 Low Profile kits. Coming in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB capacities, Patriot's new memory is just 1.25" tall so as to allow more clearance for large CPU coolers.

The low-profile Vipers have black, red or blu-colored heatsinks, are XMP 1.3 certified, they're available in 1600 MHz, 1866 MHz and 2133 MHz flavors, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.
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11 Comments on Patriot Introduces the Viper 3 Low Profile Memory Kits

This is NOT the type of Cooler you won't have an esthetic problem with on a green PCB
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how the hell did they make the green pcb look good?!
now i'm curious to see this on a g.1 sniper
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Green PCB looks like SK Hynix BFR non-tweakable timing,with red heatspreader and gold theme motherboard...just perfect to incinerate.
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Are those 2133 sticks still on 1.5V ?
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yea looks more normal size to me... and that low profile super talent, i've seen that in a lot of brands too, but no heat spreader

also, it looks like whoever took the pic didn't notice the ram wasn't even fully installed!
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I'm the only one
Best ram I ever had was patriot ddr2, did 560 1:1. Check the oc link in my sig.
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It's slightly taller than normal profile to boot. The heatsink extends past the PCB.
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I would not call this low profile. maybe if these were 30nm Samsung's relabeled with a heat spreader. then I would be excited.
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That's "low profile?" I thought "low profile" was those Samsung DDR3 that weren't even as tall as the handles holding the memory in place.
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