Wednesday, October 9th 2013

ASUS Announces TUF Vanguard B85 Motherboard

ASUS launched its first The Ultimate Force (TUF) series motherboard based on a mid-range chipset by Intel, the TUF Vanguard B85. Designed for gamers who don't overclock their CPUs, and for businesses that change their IT infrastructure every decade, this motherboard is a tight ship. To begin with, it uses a simple 4-phase VRM to condition power for the CPU, but that VRM consists of high-grade components, and is cooled by heatsinks. The board draws power from a combination of 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS connectors. The LGA1150 socket is wired to four DDR3 DIMM slots, supporting up to 32 GB of dual-channel memory; and one PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slot. A second PCI-Express x16 slot is electrical gen 2.0 x4, wired to the PCH. One each of PCI-Express 2.0 x1, and legacy PCI, make up the rest of the expansion area.

Storage connectivity on the TUF Vanguard B85 includes four SATA 6 Gb/s, and two SATA 3 Gb/s, all of which are assigned as internal ports. Display connectivity includes one each of dual-link DVI, HDMI, D-Sub, and DisplayPort. The board offers a total of six USB 3.0 ports, four on the rear panel, and two via internal headers. 8-channel HD audio, gigabit Ethernet, PS/2 mouse/keyboard combi-plug, and a number of USB 2.0/1.1 ports, complete the connectivity package. The board feature all the TUF military-grade durability paraphernalia, including the Thermal Radar feature from the TUF Sabertooth series. Expect this one to go for about $110.
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7 Comments on ASUS Announces TUF Vanguard B85 Motherboard

Up next we have ROG B85.
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james888Up next we have ROG B85.
I doubt that.
ROG is OC centric whereas Sabertooth is maximum reliability
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Wow props to ASUS for bringing competition to G1 sniper B5 and Asrock H87 performance.
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I'm the only one
A B series gaming board, lolwut.
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tiggerA B series gaming board, lolwut.
I was thinking about that when the gigabyte board was up on my news feed the other day...
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buildzoidI doubt that.
ROG is OC centric whereas Sabertooth is maximum reliability
Sarcasm doesnt translate well it seems. :D
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4770k, 16GB DDR3 2133MHz and a GTX 780 on a B85M-G board stutters in BF4 Beta on Ultra 1920x1200. This is not a gaming board as it is most likely the bottleneck.
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