Tuesday, October 15th 2013

Logitech Releases the Wireless Mouse M560

Logitech has now introduces the M560, a wireless mouse that comes equipped with a Windows 8 menu button, located right under the scroll wheel , enabling quick access to the App Bar, Charms Bar, Desktop and Start Screen.

Coming in two color version - black and gray, the mouse features soft, rubber grips, two thumb buttons, and requires one AA battery to power it up. The Wireless Mouse M560 is bundled with a Nano receiver, it has a three-year warranty, and it costs $ 39.99.
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3 Comments on Logitech Releases the Wireless Mouse M560

Looks like a pretty nice wireless mouse, might be a good replacement for my aging Performance MX.
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looks like it's shaped like a Razor mouse(turn off for me)
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Been using the MX500 for so long, got about 4 of um ^^ (only 2 in use, extras just in case ;p)

Have tried other mice, including springing for a pretty pricey razor. Didnt like it, didnt like that you had to subscribe to some BS to get full support, blah blah

Anyway, this thing looks much the same. 2 things I dont quite get. Not a fan of the main left/right mouse buttons not being physically divided (cant tell from those pics) and whats windows 8.
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