Thursday, October 24th 2013

HIS Announces its Radeon R9 290X Duo

HIS announced its Radeon R9 290X graphics card duo, both of which stick to AMD's reference board design, with reference clock speeds of 1000 MHz core, and 5.00 GHz memory; and differ only with the packaging. The HIS R9 290X Fan is the base model, while the HIS R9 290X Fan Battlefield 4 Edition is practically the same card, but with an Origin key to Battlefield 4. The base model is priced at $549.99, while the Battlefield 4 Edition could charge a $25 premium over that (still cheaper than buying the game off Origin). Based on the 28 nm "Hawaii" silicon, the R9 290X features 2,816 stream processors, 176 TMUs, 4 Tessellation Units, 64 ROPs, and a 512-bit wide memory interface, holding 4 GB of GDDR5 memory.
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I guess if you're planning on buying them both, then sure. Is AMD really that strict about their reference-only plan that they won't even let them stick a decal on it?
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