Tuesday, November 5th 2013

VTX3D Announces the Radeon R9 290 X-Edition

A renowned brand of graphics card maker - VTX3D, today introduced the newest graphics card of R9 series, the VTX3D R9 290 X-Edition. Being the highest end graphics solution, the R9 290 X-Edition is based on AMD's latest GCN architecture, equipped with the new AMD TrueAudio technology and AMD Eyefinity technology. Now gamers can get the most immersive PC gaming experience from the powerful graphics card.

Being the high end graphics card, the R9 290 X-Edition has unexceptionable equipment. Equipped with high standard 4GB of GDDR5 memory connected via 512 bit memory interface. By overclock setting, the R9 290 X-Edition clocks at 975 MHz core and 1250MHz (5.0Gbps) memory speed, performing the fastest and smoothest gaming experiences. In addition, the R9 290 X-Edition fully supports DirectX 11.2 and Windows 8.1 that enable all gamers to break the graphics performance of limitation and get the incredible experiences.
New VTX3D R9 290 X-Edition provides gamers with quantities advantages. The R9 290 X-Edition is built in AMD's award-winning Graphics Core Next architecture and has the incomparable advantage with Mantle. By supporting AMD TrueAudio technology, the R9 290 X-Edition levels up audio performance, gamers can totally immerse in realistic audio environments through stereo headsets and speakers. Furthermore, the R9 290 X-Edition is made to perform for UltraHD (4K) and AMD Eyefinity technology, perfecting visual performance and giving all gamers the unmatched image quality and experience.
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Good job, that's how you confuse the hell out of customers.
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Good job, that's how you confuse the hell out of customers.
You expect these guys to rebrand their overclocked cards to something else? They've been using X-edition for a few years now.
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For a reference card, why does it need extra names attached to it? It's a reference card. Factory overclocks will be useless since the card is thermally constrained.

"Mom, I want the 290X, not the 290."
"Oh, okay. You want the X edition?"

Later that day, at Best Buy:
"My son said he wants the X edition"
"Right this way, ma'am."
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Can't wait for the 290x x-edition
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