Friday, November 8th 2013

AVADirect Announces GeForce GTX 780 Ti Options

Today AVADirect, a leading custom computer builder, announced they are now selling the new NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti graphic processing unit. Using a similar die design to the GTX 780 (and TITAN), the NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti graphics card offers unlocked cores to stretch the dollar of all enthusiasts/gamers for their upcoming system purchases or upgrades. The "Ti" moniker, for NVIDIA, has always meant two key characteristics: Improved performance, and improved cooling at an exceptional value. Based on the history of NVIDIA die designs, the GTX 780 Ti is not a card that disappoints, or dismisses the opportunity of improving performance on a graphics-based level.

When AVADirect posted a press release on the GTX 770 & 760 graphics cards, specifications were improved, all while being based on a new die design. This time, the GTX 780 Ti uses a different die (smaller) with numerous specification improvements across the board; amazingly, using the same amount of power.
GPU clock speeds have been reduced somewhat, but make up for the loss with double the cores, texture mapping units, and wider memory bus; essential for high-resolution gaming (4K, perhaps?) or image rendering. AVADirect compares the GTX 780 ti to the GTX 770/760 specifications based on the fact it falls in-between those cards, and the GTX 780. Due to the recent price drops of the GTX 780, AVADirect anticipates end-users will opt for the Ti revision, over the standard GTX 780. Keeping the recent release of AMDs latest graphics cards close to their vest, AVADirect claims to use the current GPU race to their advantage, by offering aggressive pricing, extended custom-built systems, and custom solutions proprietary to AVADirect.

AVADirect and NVIDIA have become close partners throughout their common endeavors. Whether it's creating promotions through free game bundles, offering uniquely-designed system solutions, or staying ahead of the industries expectations, the goal always includes providing end-users with quality choices and abundant solutions to tailor to any system requirement. By continuing to offer NVIDIA-majority systems, AVADirect is confident the performance, reliability, and and support is always there for AVADirect customers.

All respected configurations will now carry the NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti graphics processing units as an option, offered by various manufacturers of NVIDIA graphics processing unit models.
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3 Comments on AVADirect Announces GeForce GTX 780 Ti Options

LOL @ that PR B$...
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Enthusiasts are already looking at 4k for their next upgrade. None of the current single chip GPUs can properly handle that. Even if the GTX 780 Ti is the most powerful GPU at the moment, it's just much too weak for 4k.

Significant resolution jumps aren't something that happens very frequently, maybe every 10 years or so (not talking about 2560 x 1440), so for me it's worth the wait to NOT upgrade anything at the moment.
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AVADirect? Never heard of them..
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