Monday, December 16th 2013

Gigastone to Introduce On-the-Go Drive With Both USB and MicroUSB Connectors

Gigastone Corporation, a leading Taiwan-based technology manufacturer that is making its North American debut at 2014 International CES, will introduce its new On-The-Go USB/MicroUSB drive at the show. The handy item allows up to 32 GB of content to be easily stored and transferred in either direction between a computer or laptop and an Android smartphone or tablet. It will be showcased at CES in LVH Hospitality Suite 17-121.

"People today face a dilemma of having material stored on their PC or laptop and needing it on their smartphone or tablet," said Sherry Chapman, senior director of marketing at Gigastone. "Our new dual-drive, bi-directional On-The-Go USB/MicroUSB connector is the perfect way for 'on-the-go' individuals to save, backup, or transfer files. And the process is as easy as 1-2-3."
For instance, to transfer material from a PC to a tablet, the user first simply connects the USB drive to the PC and downloads the desired content; second, using the MicroUSB port, uploads the material to the tablet; then third, watches, reads, or shares the material.

Users of the Gigastone On-The-Go drive will always have access to files -- anywhere, anytime. Like on vacation, when their smartphone is loaded with memory-sapping photos and videos. They can easily pop in the MicroUSB portion into the phone and offload those great memories onto the OTG drive. Then, when they get home, they just plug the USB drive into their computer and securely save them.

Conversely, when information that is stored on a PC is needed for an important off-site meeting, users can simply download the material onto the On-The-Go drive by using the USB connector, then offload the data onto their tablet by using the MicroUSB port, and head for their meeting. One drive, unlimited uses.

The Gigastone On-The-Go drive is compatible with any Android smartphone or tablet with Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system or higher and microUSB On-The-Go compatibility.

The Gigastone OTG USB/MicroUSB drive will be available Q1 2014 in two capacities: 16 GB and 32 GB.
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