Wednesday, March 12th 2014

AVADirect Now Offers NVIDIA GTX 800M Graphics Cards In Updated Clevo Notebooks

Today AVADirect, a leading provider of custom notebook solutions, is one of the few to first offer the latest mobile NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M series graphics cards.

With every year that passes, a new mobile generation of NVIDIA graphics is released to provide the most cutting-edge, power efficient, and improved technologies to drive today's mobile platforms. This year, NVIDIA has the resources to release the NVIDIA GeForce 800M graphics processing units. As usual, the release of NVIDIA's latest graphics platform offers improved specifications to leave enthusiasts salivating for the moment they can experience NVIDIA's exciting new technology. Clevo is the perfect manufacturer to help facilitate NVIDIA's newest graphics interface, satisfying enthusiasts and gamers alike.
In regard to satisfaction, the following Clevo models will offer many different mobile NVIDIA 800M series solutions.
While most of these Clevo models appear familiar, some model numbers have been modified to specify their support for the 800M series graphics cards. A new member of the Clevo notebook family makes it's debut, the P377SM-A 17.3" notebook. The Clevo P377SM-A Gaming notebook provides some changes, as well as improvements to Clevo's usual chassis design. Upgrades to the LED screen include a 90% color gamut, super glossy interface option, or a 120 Hz 72% color gamut matte finish screen option. The single HDMI port (the only available external display option) will support the latest 1.4a standard, providing 3D viewing pleasure to all users interested. Clevo decided to remove additional video output ports, based on the fact the P377SM-A 17" Gaming notebook will focus solely on gaming, and those who game on a high-end gaming notebook rarely require additional video outputs simultaneously. Keeping up with industry demand, a thunderbolt port is added for those using interfaces that take advantage of the bandwidth capabilities.

AVADirect is a unique system builder that takes great pride in recognizing the capabilities of current technology, and providing end-users with the ease-of-use and simple ability to take advantage of the hard word dedicated by manufacturers such as Clevo. AVADirect has been a certified Clevo notebook system provider for well over 10+ years and will continue to support Clevo's ability to design spectacular, affordable, and unprecedented performance notebooks for years to come. AVADirect has no doubt the latest Clevo notebooks (assembled by AVADirect), supporting NVIDIA's 800M series graphics cards, will soon find happy homes with enthusiasts throughout the world.
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