Wednesday, March 26th 2014

EVGA Announces GeForce GTX 750 FTW 2GB

EVGA announced an Amazon-exclusive 2 GB variant of its GeForce GTX 750 FTW graphics card (model: 02G-P4-2758-KR). Built in an identical board design to the original GTX 750 FTW, with the company's ACX cooling solution, the card offers factory-overclocked speeds of 1229 MHz core, 1320 MHz GPU Boost, and 5012 MHz (GDDR5-effective) memory, and features 2 GB of it across the chip's 128-bit wide memory interface. The cooling solution is designed to deal with much bigger chips, and should keep the GTX 750 quiet and comfy, even at its maker-given speeds. Based on the 28 nm GM107 silicon, the GTX 750 packs 512 CUDA cores, and is based on NVIDIA's new "Maxwell" GPU architecture. The card is priced at US $149.99.
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Hilux SSRG
Nice cooler for a high OC card. Some 750's are getting up to 1400-1500 on the gpu clock... insane.
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yaah !! but dat fan noise lol
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i am gonna get this card but i dont know how to find out if it is compatiable with my pc how do i figure that out?
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silentstalker said:
i am gonna get this card but i dont know how to find out if it is compatiable with my pc how do i figure that out?
it will work if you don't have AGP Mobo :D
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I don't know do you need all that cooler fan I don’t see a heat pipe? This being the non-Ti version it’s more for looks… than necessity. Even with overclock it's not going to run hot, while about par or slightly faster than an R4 260X, although even with nice dual fan coolers there are 260X deals now in the $120-130 and not all ways needing a rebate. Your anteing up 25% over other non-Ti versions for not that much return.
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bad idea. two fans cause 2x more dust. the average joy does not do regular maintenance on their pc's
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I don't think a 50W TDP card should look like that. This is bell and whisles around some seriously mediocre compute power.
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No heatpipes?

Still, assuming that the larger heatsink and extra fan perform notably better than the little reference cooler, it would be near silent at both idle and load. Over engineered in a good way IMO. Perfect for near silent PC's, the kind that use <400RPM 120mm case fans and SSD only (or at worst a hard drive in a silencing enclosure).
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