Thursday, June 5th 2014

Be Quiet Woos SFF Crowd with SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 PSUs

Be Quiet launched its SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 lines of power supplies for compact gaming PC builds. As their names suggest, they're based on the SFX and TFX form-factors, respectively. The SFX Power 2 comes in capacities of up to 400W, with enough juice to drive a gaming PC with a single high-end graphics card; while the TFX Power 2 comes in sizes of up to 300W, with the ability to power gaming PCs with performance-segment graphics cards. The TFX Power 2 300W flaunts 80 Plus Gold efficiency, and a dual-12V rail design; while the SFX Power 2 400W makes do with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating, and a dual-12V rail design.
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3 Comments on Be Quiet Woos SFF Crowd with SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 PSUs

Not quite enough juice, I need a >= 500W SFF PSU :(
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little power supply and great spaghetti. As it is necessary to take space there where it not ?The real solution would be modular connectors. Especially the kind that can be easily replaced with a short kit .
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^You may want to know that modular interface adds greatly to a PSU's total length. Especially those little ones.
But judging by other posts you may not, and would probably prefer spewing google-translate vomit all over PR posts.
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