Tuesday, July 1st 2014

CM Storm Resonar Gaming Headset Launched

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today announced the CM Storm Resonar-the first gaming in-ear earphones with patented Bass FX technology to serve gaming and music needs on multiple devices.

The Resonar includes exclusive 8mm drivers with patented Bass FX technology that produces crystal clear sound and powerful bass, allowing the Resonar to fulfill gamers' needs for explosive combat and a wide variety of musical genres. The housing is constructed from high-grade aluminum and is engineered for gamers to offer the finest quality and durability over a long lifespan. Passive noise cancellation is achieved by three different sizes of included rubber ear tips.
The Bass FX technology is achieved by adjusting the magnet position inside each ear bud so no gimmicky software is required to achieve this result. Both modes ensure to provide satisfying audio quality for bass heavy users or for more neutral sound users.

The Resonar comes with a multitude of accessories, including a gold plated audio/microphone splitter to ensure compatibility with multiple computer and mobile devices while simultaneously providing a pure audio experience. The inline microphone with a precise sensor enables the Resonar to record clear audio without background noise. Avoid irritating tangles with the tangle free, flat cable and switch between gaming and phone calls with ease through the included inline controls. The Resonar also comes with a hard carrying pouch for storing the headset while traveling, as well as three sizes of ear tips to ensure a perfect fit.

CM Storm Resonar will be available from July for a suggested retailer price of €39,90. Price and availability may vary based on region.
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5 Comments on CM Storm Resonar Gaming Headset Launched

its €10 more than CM Storm Pitch but by the looks of it, its looks like a good money spend. gotta love that hardcase than fabric pouch on pitch....
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Been testing\using the set for about a week now.
Well... it's suprisingly good to be honest.
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although it looks good
but the picture :banghead::banghead:
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Dj-ElectriC, post: 3130466, member: 87186"
Been testing/using the set for about a week now.
Well... it's suprisingly good to be honest.
Glad to hear it.
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