Thursday, July 3rd 2014

ECS Introduces LIVA Windows-Based Mini PC Kit

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is pleased to introduce LIVA, the world's smallest Windows-based mini PC kit. Offering all the features of much larger PCs, plus Windows 8.1 support, the LIVA Mini PC is a complete solution for modern digital living, general computing, casual gaming and basic applications.

The word, LIVA, comes from the combination of "Living" and "Life (Viva)" and the spirit of living a better life. LIVA is expressing the passion and the pursuit of aesthetics in every way of life through this product. Home and office users will be delighted with the comprehensive features, compact size, stylish design, and affordable price. LIVA is sleek, with wireless connectivity to cut down on messy cables. It's a full featured PC that's small enough (118 x 70 x 56 mm) and light enough (190g), to hold in the palm of your hand.
LIVA is ideal as a capable entry-level PC for first time users, or as a second PC to complement a bigger desktop system, such as streaming, browsing, and downloading. It's not necessary to always stick with your 15" desktop screen when LIVA can turn your 50" TV into a PC. LIVA makes a perfect center for an attractive, quiet, compact and powerful home theater system, thanks to its audio, video and networking capabilities.

The Complete Mini PC
To achieve great performance with modern applications, LIVA supports the latest Intel Celeron Bay Trail-M SoC (System-on-a-Chip) dual-core processor operating at up to 2 GHz in turbo mode. There's 2 GB of fast, low-voltage DDR3L memory, which achieves power savings of 8 percent compared to old-fashioned DRAM.

This mini PC only uses about as much power as just a light bulb. Thanks to its 5V/15W Micro USB power connector, it can even be run from a power bank battery. The CPU takes advantage of the new low-power consumption "Silvermont" microarchitecture to keep LIVA running cool and quiet. With the fan-less thermal design, there are no noisy fans or whining disks, so LIVA is a PC you can put anywhere, right on the desktop, in bedrooms or in home theaters, without causing any disturbance.

LIVA avoids the bottlenecks of slow hard disk storage with its integrated 32 GB eMMC (embedded multi-media card). This solid state storage technology greatly improves disk response time and is suitable for high performance applications. More importantly, the ultra-thin size advantage of eMMC allows LIVA Mini PC Kit to be palm-sizes small.

Connect your LIVA to the world via its WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 Combo Card. There's also high-speed USB 3.0, Gigabit LAN and audio output, plus both HDMI and VGA outputs for dual-monitor applications and both Digital / Analog support.

Wireless Communication and Easy Setup
Both the WiFi and Bluetooth options are upgradable to stay compatible with future standards, thanks to the onboard M.2 interface, as known as NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor). This latest interface provides a better, faster standard for connection and expansion.

LIVA is so light and portable that you can carry your entire PC with you wherever you go, set it up in seconds, and just plug it into to any standard screen and keyboard, anywhere. How fast can you build a new PC? With the LIVA Mini PC Kit's screw-less design, users can easily assemble their own PC and have the hardware ready to go within 40 seconds.

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10 Comments on ECS Introduces LIVA Windows-Based Mini PC Kit

Looks a bit cheap and well, rubbish.
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Looks like my car battery charger...
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When they said "stick with your 15" desktop screen" then I realized these people and their PR department haven't got a clue.

Nobody has had a 15" desktop screen since the VGA 1980's. Since 1990's the standard has been 17" and higher on a desktop.

If they fail so hard on the PR, then I'm sure they failed on the technical department too. Avoid.
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All valid, and excellent points.
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I mean, considering we see similar spec stuff in tablets, why does it have to use bulky plastic case? Why not slim aluminium case? It would look like a tiny modem or a router. Instead of this brick. Just saying...

Or even better, a thin aluminum case with VESA mounting holes so you could mount it to the back of the VESA capable LCD TV or monitor. So it would look like those Mac's where you basically have just a screen. Except you could use this one on ANY screen. Now that would make tons of sense.
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My name is Dave
I thin you guys expect too much for $200.
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My name is Dave
jmcslob said:
It's actually $180 shipped but there are way better options at $200....Yes, you should expect and can receive better better options at that price point...
You need to show me a Bay Trail-M system for $200, not AMD. Like really? I know there are affordable AMD boxes like this. There are other Intel ones now too, but they tend to take up a larger space.

Also, with this ECS LIVA unit, you need to add nothing but OS. Yours need memory as well. And drive? And that's your compare? You compare an incomplete system with a complete one? With completely different hardware?
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Yes what ECS put together at their costs is a good system....No doubt about it...
AS LONG AS YOU COMPARE IT AS YOU WOULD COMPARE PEPSI TO COCA~COLA!!!!-that does say a good deal for the value of this product with that type of comparison.
I can still build a better performing system for $180....and by build I mean mem an storage.

I cannot do that and have a M.2 expansion.
And you have to buy Win8 another $100

After loading Win8 you're not really left with much storage on this which means about another $100 for an 80gb M.2 if yo wanna store movies, music etc...just in case you lose internet...

This is kind of a waste segment for Intel.
At $100 I am far better off doing the same stuff this thing does on Android tbh...
Ceton has "My Media" ($5) on Google Play which means in the US you can rent a cable card ($2) buy a Ethernet TV solution ($180) and use an Android pc on a stick ($50-$100) solution...
That gives me the same features with better performance for less money and more options...

Yes that's a fair way to look at this because even though the LIVA has Win8 it really doesn't have the functionality to really do in more than you can do on Android....and more importantly I'm not just saying that the market is.
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