Wednesday, July 16th 2014

RAIDON Launches SATA6G + UASP Ready External 2.5" RAID Storage

Through the USB 3.0 Super-Speed transmission interface, the GR2660-B3 accommodates two 2.5" hard drives or solid state drives. With the built-in RAID mode switch, you can easily switch between RAID 1 (mirroring), RAID 0 (striping) or JBOD configurations, giving you both security and fast transmission. GR2660-B3 Screw-free hard drive installation, requires no fuss and no tools. Everything is that simple by installing the drive, choose RAID mode, format the disk, and you're ready to go!

Over 60% faster than the first generation, internal structure of GR2660-B3, you'll find a SATA III (6 Gbps) chipset and transform to a USB 3.0 (5G) interface which is the most convenient interface. That means you'll get transmission speeds over 60% faster than the previous generation R2420. GR2660-B3 has three configuration modes built-in: RAID 1 (Safe Mode), RAID 0 (Speed Mode), and JBOD (Two Independent Volumes) for you to choose according to your needs with speed picture as below chart.
Take your data with you
In case of your files are too big for internet transmission, but you need to use the same files in different occasions with different equipment, such as, the size of your image or video library may number to TTB. Then, hard disk swap design is most suitable for your requirement. GR2660-B3 under JBOD mode, each disk is independently data bank, you can quickly swap to the image library by your choice. Also, use other RAIDON modules to fulfill your needs in different environments. (Disk swapping is only possible under JBOD mode.)
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~Technological Technocrat~
Lol..... 2xSSDs in Raid 0 and the best it can do is 339MB/s read?

are they using potatoes to bench this product or something?
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I like it but I will stick with my single SanDisk SSD running at raid 0
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