Wednesday, July 30th 2014

Fractal Design Introduces the Integra M Series Power Supplies

Fractal Design is proud to announce the new Modular generation of the award winning Integra PSU. Fractal Design Integra M Series power supply units feature excellent electrical performance, including 80PLUS Bronze certified efficiency.

The modular flat cable system allows for a clean installation, and enhances airflow patterns inside the case. The short 140 mm length makes for easy installation in small computer cases, and the extra-long ATX12V cable accommodates modern, bottom-PSU cases.
Fractal Design Integra M units are equipped with a large temperature-controlled 120 mm fan for reduced noise levels and optimum cooling.

The Integra M is a great choice for medium-performance gaming computers and workstations.

Key Features Integra M
  • Modular cables. Only cables deemed likely for constant use (20+4-pin cable; 12V CPU cable, one PCI-E cable on 650 W+ models) are fixed.7
  • 80PLUS Bronze efficiency
  • ATX 2.4/ EPS 2.92 compliant, including full support for the new C6 / C7 power states introduced with the 4th generation Intel Core CPU
  • Extremely short 140 mm case allows for easy installation in compact cases
  • Extra-long ATX 12V cable
  • Quiet, temperature-controlled 120 mm fan
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Protection: OPP / OVP / UVP / SCP / OCP
  • Standby efficiency: ErP 2013 compliant (<0.5W system power draw)
  • Available in Black
  • Unit Measurements: 150*86*140
  • Available in different wattage: 450 W, 550 W, 650 W and 750 W
  • 450 W - USD 54.99 / EUR 49.99 / GBP 39.99
  • 550 W - USD 64.99 / EUR 54.99 / GBP 44.99
  • 650 W - USD 74.99 / EUR 64.99 / GBP 54.99
  • 750 W - USD 84.99 / EUR 74.99 / GBP 59.99
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7 Comments on Fractal Design Introduces the Integra M Series Power Supplies

really, the price? just 750 W - USD 84.99
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Skip the crap and buy a Seasonic. Then you know you're getting top quality at the best price. An 80+ Bronze rating is pretty poor.
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Jorge said:
Skip the crap and buy a Seasonic. Then you know you're getting top quality at the best price. An 80+ Bronze rating is pretty poor.
what? 80+bronze bad? man it's all good..
i did have an corsair 750tx rated bronze and it was pretty fucking good bang for buck.
i loved it.
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DAMN just when i bought a Integra R2 .... ahahah oh well ... next one :D
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Wonder how these compare to the similar Silverstones/Thermaltakes? Also, will they have a short cable kit (preferably that doesn't cost 1/3 the price of the psu)? That would be nice.

People can complain about 80% bronze, but that's still pretty good, especially for the price and size. The thing about these short, modular, power supplies that can power a dual card config is there are not many options, and if you need one you need one...more the merrier. This doesn't look that bad if you can't justify spending more, or 750w will suit your needs (like two short mid-range gpus in a small case).

Would be nice to know how the 750w 12v is configured, which isn't on their site (unless it's the same as the 550w/650w, and they are only differentiated by the extra pci-e and then sata plug, but that would be weird). I wonder if it's 30a+30a like the Integra R2?

I wish there were more shorter options suitable for 2x225-300w gpus (~850w), because short never hurts when planning for future htpc-like builds, and I wish one would really stand out and scream 'pick me' because of x, y, or z. The only thing I see so far is the short cables from SS...and the fact the 850w gold is only 10mm longer.
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Only 140mm long. That's only matched by Silverstone. Very nice for smaller ITX cases that use ATX PSU.
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If its still the god old HEC made unit just made semi modular they can keep it
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