Wednesday, August 6th 2014

Synology Expands Cloud Backup Offerings with ElephantDrive

Synology Inc. today announced that the ElephantDrive package has been added as a customized version to Synology Package Center. Users can now enjoy scheduled and real-time data backup onto ElephantDrive via the web-based management interface for enhanced data security.

"Synology is excited to add ElephantDrive as part of its members of hybrid cloud backup portfolio. The combination will bring separate site redundancy, and the smooth integration of the embedded ElephantDrive module allows fast, simple operation backups for users." said Andy, Developer Relations Manager of Synology. "The native ElephantDrive users can also retain local file access with Synology NAS servers."

The partnership of Synology and ElephantDrive offers unmatched simplicity, providing one program to store all the important data from multiple devices on multiple platforms, and unifying the local and cloud storage experience. IT professionals can now manage clients' cloud backups from different NAS platforms using just the ElephantDrive cloud backup service. The service also offers powerful administrative tools for versioning and archiving data, and the ability to access and share files anytime and anywhere.

Synology and ElephantDrive are also pleased to announce a special trial offer of their new service; new users can log in through DSM administration interface to complete a simple application and receive 50 GB of service free for the first month. After the first month is completed, users can either upgrade to a premium ElephantDrive account - or keep using the service for free, if uploaded data is kept under 2 GB.
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"use the trunk to connect to the elephant drive"

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