Thursday, August 14th 2014

Tesoro Releases the Kuven Pro 5.1 Gaming Headset

Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, today releases the Kυνέη.pro true 5.1 surround sound gaming headset. With a total of 8 drivers (4 in each ear cup) and fully customizable control of every channel, the Kυνέη.pro immerses the player into the battlefield by providing realistic, directional audio.

Gain the Tactical Advantage
Named after the helmet of the Greek god of the underworld, Hades, the Kυνέη allowed its wearer to turn invisible to gain the tactical advantage in battle. Much like the mythological Kυνέη, the Kυνέη.pro allows its wearers to gain the advantage over their enemies by letting gamers pinpoint enemy movements, such as footsteps, before the enemy sees them.
Customizable Audio Control
Each ear cup of the Kυνέη.pro contains 1 subwoofer, 1 center speaker, 1 front speaker, and one rear speaker, to truly provide directional sound. Each channel (Voice / Front / Rear/ Cen. / Sub.) can be customized via the removable in-line control. The controller also allows gamers to instantly turn off the microphone or speaker. Additionally, for those looking for even more, the Kυνέη.pro can be switched to virtual 7.1 surround sound audio mode.

The unidirectional noise canceling microphone blocks out distracting noise for crystal clear chatting.

Comfortable Fit
The Tesoro logo embroidered headband with a leather lining is adjustable to fit any size. Both the headband and ear cups are padded with memory foam for a comfortable and personal fit. The ear cups can be folded in, for easy and safe transport when heading out to LAN parties or gaming competitions.

Tesoro Style
Stylish aluminum plates with a laser cut Tesoro face line the sides of the Kυνέη.pro. The eye of the Tesoro face as well as the in-line control feature purple LED illumination.

Price and Availability
The Tesoro Kυνέη.pro will be available at the end of August for USD 109 at Tesoro Gaming USA, Newegg, Amazon, NCIX.

More information of the Tesoro Kυνέη.pro can be found here:
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looks nice but the ear cup design is duh....
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a headset straight from the wood-age
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I once bought into the "true" 5.1 gaming headset fad...then I heard a good pair of headphones that were 1/2 the price of the headset...never looked back. I hope more folks do that as well. Sure these might not sound bad, but they'll never sound good either. Just my 2 cents on the matter.

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Kursah said:
I once bought into the "true" 5.1 gaming headset fad...then I heard a good pair of headphones that were 1/2 the price of the headset...never looked back. I hope more folks do that as well. Sure these might not sound bad, but they'll never sound good either. Just my 2 cents on the matter.

I think the potential is there for multi-driver setups to work very well. Not only for positional use, but also because different size drivers/inpedance excel at different frequencies even in stereo; single 40mm being a lackluster compromise. Smaller and larger obviously having issues with lower and higher frequencies...there must be a way to allow a decent crossover. I don't think any available product has completely cracked it yet, and yes some are just gimmicks, but I think it will come (perhaps in stages of decency for one application or the other). I know many lack faith, but I think it we'll get there.

I know I've mentioned them before, but I like what Bluedio did with their R+ headphones (after I tore out the foam covering the tweeters) in that regard (considering their price), and know they've been hard hard at work for years trying to make that happen for 5.1 (with 3 16mm and 50mm woof used in current products), 7.1 (with 2 30mm/30ohm fronts, 3 20mm/32ohm side/rears, and 1 57mm/50ohm woof not yet released) and as well as stereo over both wired and wireless, even optimizing for 24bit/48khz and optical input. You can see what their current version (an upgraded version of the R+) looks like here (which I just realized they are crowd-funding), and would highly consider supporting them...even if their video/text explanation/marketing doesn't do them justice. For a company that makes fairly inexpensive products (all that have reviewed very well), they really seem like they are trying to push that and other tech forward, especially per price segment, like very few others are:
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I've had 5.1 with positional audio implementations, and it was a mix of so-so drivers in an open-back enclosure that provided so-so results that couldn't hold a candle to my cheap JVC HARX-700's that cost about 1/3 as much. Granted this was several years ago..but these were supposed to be some of the best 5.1 headphones on the market.

For it to really work in reality you'd need a huge box over your head...not two small cups stuffed full of speakers with "positional audio" implemented. You've got too much, too close and too crappy of quality, that can't truly be tuned correctly in the first place...I mean look at how 5.1 or 7.1 is setup in a can't possibly emulate that with any sort of accuracy or quality with a couple of small cups over your can simulate it to an extent. And with that digital simulation from stereo headphones, at least to a better way to go overall for some very important quality overall being one of them. I'd much rather invest the same money into a better pair of headphones that uses higher quality single drivers and has the room to breathe and actually create the sound expected.

I lost faith in the "true 5.1" gimmick years ago when I was able to prove to myself after spending $100's of my own money that they are in-fact cheap garbage that can't every truly work correctly with any true expectations of quality once you have actually heard and owned quality. That's a whole 'nother can of worms though. And truly it's my opinion, but this is from costly experience. While my 5.1 headphones didn't sound bad...for less than half the price I was able to get better sound out of stereo headphones and enjoyed 5.1 simulated and really really enjoyed good stereo for positional queues. If anything losing the 5.1 gimmick improved everything I heard, from games to movies to music. It all improved. I still was slightly impressed with the HPA2's I used, but compared to my better headphones...I'd be better throwing my cash in the trash.


Feel free to check the TPU Gaming Headphone thread in my sig. if you want more information too. It's a great place to share your findings, and if you have reviews to share them up! :D
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