Thursday, August 21st 2014

ADATA Premier DDR4 Memory Modules Spotted in Stores

Wanna build a Haswell-E HEDT build on the "cheap?" Then this could make it to your list. ADATA is ready with its no-frills Premier line of DDR4 memory modules, which are sold in single-module packs of 4 GB and 8 GB. The modules stick to JEDEC specifications of DDR4-2133 MHz (PC4-17000), with CAS latencies of 15T, and voltage of 1.2 Volt. The modules use DRAM chips made by SK Hynix. Inclusive of all taxes, the 4 GB module is priced at the equivalent of $75 USD in Japan; and the 8 GB module goes for the equivalent of $150.

Source: Akiba PC Watch
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2 Comments on ADATA Premier DDR4 Memory Modules Spotted in Stores

like all new memory tech releases, speed to latency seems bad.

My Ripjaw Z series are cas latency 10 for ddr3 2400MHZ (PC19200)

Hopefully latency will come down or at the very least speed will go up.
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Marty 1480
Nearly a 100% markup for something that is not really going to add any appreciable performance enhancements. One should really wait for DDR4 to become mainstream and one has no choice then to buy it.
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