Sunday, November 2nd 2014

TechPowerUp NVIDIA Shield Tablet Giveaway

TechPowerUp is giving away an NVIDIA Shield Tablet, the most powerful handheld game console, which can double up as a conventional Android tablet. Powered by NVIDIA's in-house Tegra silicon, the Shield Tablet has so much processing power, that NVIDIA created its very own game and app marketplace that sells games, which take advantage of that power. And that's on top of Google Play Store, which sells games that just any Android device could play. The tablet comes with an ergonomic game controller, which gives you the kind of control you expect from a conventional game console. To participate, simply "Like" our Facebook page, if you haven't already, and fill up a short form (or have Facebook do it for you). One lucky winner will be randomly picked at the end of the giveaway.
To participate, visit this page.
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13 Comments on TechPowerUp NVIDIA Shield Tablet Giveaway

I hate facebook and refuse to have an account there. find a new medium.
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I too HATE facebook!! An no matter what, will never have a fb account.
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News Editor
DeathtoGnomesI hate facebook and refuse to have an account there. find a new medium.
Ask our admin to consider my "various" ideas. (psst. support me :P)
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Sweet...Sounds like I'm going to win this thing.
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Ugh, facebook? I'll pass.
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Ha ha, the giveaway date is actually my birthday & a couple of days after I receive my new GTX 970. Here's holding thumbs...
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Vanguard Beta Tester
to those that "hate" facebook, find another giveaway then :P
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The Knife in your Back
You people need to stop crying about how they choose to GIVEAWAY things. No one is forcing you to sign up. I hate Twitter, but I have an account, all I use it for is signing up for things. They are using Social Media to bring people into the site that aren't here just by Googling for Tech Forums.
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ahah to bad i already have mine :) good luck to all participant (who doesn't hate FB, for what reason tho? forgive me for that question but it still make me wonder)
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i wonder if theres at least one participant..
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I was actually able to enter the contest just by entering first/last name and email address; no FB account necessary.
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