Sunday, January 4th 2015

Phanteks Announces Enthoo Mini XL Chassis

Phanteks announce the release of the Enthoo Mini XL, a super micro ATX. The Mini XL has been redesigned with optimal cooling in mind. Resembling the Enthoo Primo, it offers extensive water-cooling possibilities.

The Enthoo Mini XL, a compact and powerful structure with a sandblasted aluminum faceplates with matte finish. The Mini XL introduces a new form factor, super micro ATX. Unlike the Enthoo Primo, the Mini XL comes with a new RGB LED light system with mulitcolor control (10 colors) and supports dual motherboard configuration with the Mini XL ITX upgrade kit (PH-ITXKT_01).
With the Enthoo Mini XL, the main challenges was to make effective use of space through design. The Mini XL's power supply location is now on the top back side of the case for optimal cooling. The Enthoo Mini XL comes with many features like dual removable hard drive cages, Drop-NLock SSD Brackets, quick eject dustfilters, LED control, mod friendly structure, and easy cable management.

The Mini XL also offers extensive water and air cooling. Convenient pump bracket with preinstalled vibration dampeners, PWM control hub allows for up to 7 fans to be controlled by PWM, 2 reservoir mounting locations, radiator side bracket, and dual rear fan exhaust.

For the one who desire even more, the Mini XL leaves options for additional upgrades. Extra upgrades like internal ambient lighting sytem (PH-LEDKT_M1/ PH-LEDKT_M2) that matches with the exterior ligthing, 2 extra slots for SSD Brackets (PH-SDBKT_01), 2 locations for HDD upgrade with Phanteks HDD Bracket (PH-HDDKT_01), and dual motherboard using our upgrade kit (PH-ITXKT_01).

"Features such as being very versatile, having a spacious and clean interior and of course making it very easy to build water-cooling systems is what the Enthoo Series is all about," says Boon, Designer of the Enthoo Series.

The recommended retail price is
  • PH-ES414M_BK : $179.99
  • PH-ITXKT_01 : $29.99
  • PH-HDDKT_01 : $7.99
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5 Comments on Phanteks Announces Enthoo Mini XL Chassis

looks pretty good and nice to see they use bolt so it would help us a lot when do like doing custom things
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This case was announced 7 months ago on their youtube page... It's just availible from next week or so.
I didn't get the point of this case, but after watching the product video I do.
It's just that the dual pc is optional and you have to use a "micro psu", which is sfx.
That psu then block access to the bottom pci slots and because sfx units have short cables, you'll never be able to reach the motherboard without extentions. They should just have put the psu above the board given that Phanteks makes a low profile cooler.
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Awesome case, and nice video wotevajjjj.
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Awesome case indeed.
I could see myself with a mini atx for everyday usage and a micro one for gaming. Why? Just because I could do it.

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At first I was wondering what the point of this case was. I would think that people who choose an mATX board would want a smaller case to go with it. Then, I saw the video and realised the case is made for people that want to install triple rads with push/pull configs inside the case. That won't be me though.
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