Friday, December 1st 2006

BenQ Launches the World’s Fastest 19-inch LCD Monitor

BenQ today launched the world’s fastest 19-inch LCD monitor, the BenQ FP93G X+, targeting PC and online gamers. The FP93G X+ features an ultra-fast 2ms gray-to-gray response time, a super-slim 13mm bezel and a high contrast ratio of 800:1. The monitor offers optimum viewing experience with its clean, refreshing super slim bezel design, making it a great décor for both home and office.

The BenQ FP93G X+ employs original Advanced Motion Accelerator (AMA) technology that accelerates the twisting speed of liquid crystal by increasing the voltage, making it possible to shorten the gray-to-gray response time to a fast 2ms. With this break-through, the BenQ FP93G X+’s performance is similar to that of the CRT monitor, enabling clearer, sharper images with no lagging and image blurs when playing PC games or watching videos.

The BenQ FP93G X+ LCD monitor also comes equipped with both traditional D-Sub and next generation DVI input support with a high brightness of 300 cd/m2 for crisp and excellent picture quality.

The BenQ FP93G X+ will be available on the market starting in December 2006.Source: BenQ
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5 Comments on BenQ Launches the World’s Fastest 19-inch LCD Monitor

to think i just got the fp93g x a few months ago and a new revision of it comes out :\

The only difference I see spec wise is that it has 100:1 more contrast ratio
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Frederik S
I've had my 2 ms Samsung 740bf for months now. Really nice no ghosting!
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Former Staff
I have an FP93GX as well. I'm not sure what kind of difference the extra contrast ratio would make, but I hope they added a vertical adjustment to the stand.
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That "world's fastest monitor" is getting old. There hasn't been one in a year and surely they advertised FP93GX same way, which is identical 2ms G2G. BenQ here too, which really was the worlds fastest LCD when it came out, but ordered VievSonic VX922 for xmas x) Still would be nice to know if they have managed to fix same of the problems that previous model have and is it nowas good as VX922 or maybe even better.
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I was gonna say the same thing,(BenQ today launched the world’s fastest 19-inch) the Samsung SyncMaster 940BF 19" 2ms has been out for some time now
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