Monday, December 4th 2006

Information on the iPhone leaked

Information on Apple's iPhone leaked

Some specs from about the upcoming Apple iPhone have found their way onto the internet. The Inquirer has a link to a video supposedly discussing the new iPhone and some of its features. The most important details you might be interested in are that it will have independent batteries for both the phone and MP3 player, a touch screen and 4GB and 8GB versions priced at $249 and $449 respectively.

It seems unusual to charge almost double the price for double the storage given that for most of their MP3 players, Apple give you much better value as you chose greater capacities, but maybe the difficulty of trying to pack so much technology into such a small space will justify an extra 4GB costing $200. What interests me is that the 4GB iPhone might only cost $50 more than the iPod Nano of equivalent storage size.Source: The Inquirer
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