Monday, June 1st 2015

Corsair Announces STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair Gaming, a division of PC gaming hardware leader Corsair, today announced the addition of the STRAFE mechanical gaming keyboard to Corsair's award-winning line of PC gaming accessories. By bringing the unmatched lighting customization and Cherry MX switches found in Corsair's RGB keyboards to STRAFE, Corsair has created the most advanced mono-backlit mechanical gaming keyboard available. Sporting a sleek new industrial design, STRAFE will be widely available in late June at an MSRP of $109.99.

The STRAFE mechanical gaming keyboard's brilliant red backlighting can be customized to a virtually unlimited number of lighting configurations and effects. Each key can be programmed with automated macros using CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software. Users can choose from six unique lighting effects or craft their own custom profiles and share them on Corsair Gaming.
"As a former pro gamer, I know firsthand that performance and customization matters. STRAFE, like all Corsair mechanical keyboards, features the world-leading Cherry MX gaming keys to deliver the ultimate performance and confidence when in battle," said Jason Christian, product manager at Corsair. "Combined with the virtually unlimited advanced lighting and macro customization of our CUE software, STRAFE is the definitive choice for gamers dedicated to improving their game."

STRAFE Features:
  • German-made Cherry MX red switches with gold contacts for fast, precise key presses
  • Fully programmable brilliant red LED backlighting for unrivaled personalization
  • USB pass-through port for easy connections
  • Textured and contoured FPS/MOBA keycaps
  • 100% anti-ghosting technology with 104-key rollover
  • Enhanced, easy-access multimedia controls
  • $109.99 MSRP
STRAFE has a suggested retail price of $109.99 in the US and will be available in June from Corsair's worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers. It is backed with a limited 2-year warranty and Corsair customer service and technical support.
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9 Comments on Corsair Announces STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard

It's looks great keyboard, although I prefer more cherry options .
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Nice one! Would prefer a blue one without Numpad.
So Corsair is going for the old logo again? Nice to see.
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raptori, post: 3290290, member: 50662"
It's looks great keyboard, although I prefer more cherry options .
This ^^^
And more back light color options please.
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Caring1, post: 3290336, member: 153156"
This ^^^
And more back light color options please.
+1 with you.
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By bringing the unmatched lighting customization
most advanced mono-backlit mechanical gaming keyboard
How's that work?
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Not bad Corsair.. Looks like they listened to the community with this new keyboard, in some aspects. The Corsair Gaming logo gone (or is it just this product.. ?), and the USB passthrough. But, hopefully Corsair will bring the STRAFE in with some different Cherry MX options, other than red. While many like the reds, many do not. Options would be nice. And single red backlighting.. Great color, but again, options for others would be better. Even if it's not the full RGB spectrum as seen on the Corsair Gaming RGB keyboards, a few different color options would be nice to see.

All-in-all, looks like a nice keyboard IMO. Not going to replace my K95 RGB nice, but nice.

By the looks of that picture with the mouse in it, there is a 'refresh' coming in that area as well.. The Sabre with a fresh look and logo. :)
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This is the dota keyboard! :) I like how the grey keys are QWER, DF and not only WASD. :rockout:
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Debat0r, post: 3290401, member: 141198"
How's that work?
It has all kinds of per-key based lighting effects, and people can design their own profiles.
Personally I think it should have per key addressable lighting which you can access by macros so you can program reactive stuff based on the software you use, and software vendors could add effect to their software, but I don't think it has that. and instead it's just lightshows like ripples coming from the keys you press and the old cylon to and fro sweeping and that kind of stuff.
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