Wednesday, June 17th 2015

Polk Audio Introduces Exclusive Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition Headset

Polk Audio, a high-performance audio brand with over 40 years of sound engineering and design expertise, today announced the debut of a limited edition gaming headset, the Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition. Designed for gameplay on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One (using the new controller), Wii-U, PC, laptop or smartphone, each audiophile-grade gaming headset purchased is uniquely serialized with numbers on the inside of the earcup. Additionally, the headset features signature branding from the popular Hitman video game series and upcoming movie Hitman, including a white spring-steel headband against plush, padded black ear cups with Hitman red interior accents. The headset will be on display, along with new Striker Pro headset, at Polk Audio's E3 booth, #5612.

New developed drivers utilizing Polk Optimized Electro-Acoustic Tuning (POET) and Dynamic Balance technology result in rich, immersive audio quality and allow users to hear all the details and subtleties in their game. For clear chat, the headset comes with a new removable omni-directional microphone with push button mute for both console and PC gaming, as well as a small and discrete in-line microphone for mobile use. To easily switch gaming preferences, three detachable cables and two removable microphones are included.
"We're thrilled to introduce a second gaming solution at E3 that's tied to one of fall's most highly anticipated movies and recognized video game series," said Michael Greco, Global Brand Director for Polk. "Leveraging our deep roots in creating best-selling loudspeakers as well as our experience working with top gaming studios to develop premium audio accessories, we know that sound quality is more critical than ever for an exceptional gaming experience. We've developed the Striker Pro and this special headset to be the ultimate audio accessories that take users deeper into the virtual worlds of their entertainment."

Striker Pro is unique and versatile in that it allows users to conveniently switch between different gaming modes with its three included detachable cables-all designed to enhance each gaming experience. Cable offerings include:
  • Mobile Connect Cable - a 3.5mm microphone cable with in-line controls allow users to play, pause, and make phone calls without having to touch their device
  • Dual-Jack Console Controller Connect Cable - unlike the standard 3.5mm cable, this 1.3 meter (4 ft.) custom console cable is designed for high-fidelity audio to enhance microphone performance and minimize crosstalk. Additionally, the PlayStation 4 versions allow for easy access to master volume and microphone mute without having to use the onscreen menus. Its in-line also includes an attenuator to adjust your microphone's gain to ensure it does not distort during online gaming sessions
  • Dual-Jack, Detachable, Extra-long Pro PC Connect Cable - Polk's very own 3-meter (9.8 ft.) long Pro PC connect cable lowers the noise floor to minimize crosstalk and boost microphone clarity for exceptional audio performance
The Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition Gaming Headset (MSRP: $129) will be available in September at select U.S., Canadian, and U.K. retailers including PolkAudio.
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