Friday, June 19th 2015

EVGA Readies X99 Micro2 LGA2011v3 Motherboard

EVGA is giving finishing touches to the X99 Micro2, is latest socket LGA2011v3 motherboard, in the micro-ATX form-factor. The board is characterized by support for two USB 3.1 ports, including a type-C port. Most of the feature-set from the original X99 Micro, is carried over. This includes a 10-phase CPU VRM, three PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots (full-time x16/x16/x8), a 32 Gb/s M.2 slot, with NVMe BIOS support, making up its expansion area. The board supports up to 64 GB of quad-channel DDR4 memory. Storage connectivity on the X99 Micro2 includes ten SATA 6 Gb/s ports, apart from the 32 Gb/s M.2 slot. Other modern connectivity includes two USB 3.1 ports (at least one of which is type-C), six USB 3.0 ports (four on the rear panel, two by header), 8-channel HD audio with ground-layer isolation, and a headphones amp; and gigabit Ethernet. EVGA didn't announce pricing or availability.
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Micro ATX is good but it bothers me M2 entrance to the area where the PCI-E fall. This setting restricts the 4 x crosfire FuryX sufficiently thin and small. I have already mentioned, and all producers oppress M2 input in the wrong place. It is more fashion fad because for many people in such a bad supply purchases of M2 SSD at a price $ 1 -1Gb is too high. and the 512GB is not enough since obtain to 1200 Gb for this money and connect the RAID. So M2 elsewhere on the micro-ATX -99 chipset.
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Wished it used Poscaps. Otherwise, the board looks like a great performer.
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EVGA X99 Classified 2 will be available soon.
It's good to X99 motherboard have USB 3.1 connectors on back side not over Post Cards.
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Sabishii Hito
Hopefully EVGA follows suit like all the other X99 mobo manufacturers and adds extra pins to the CPU socket for higher uncore/cache and memory clocks for this next round of boards.
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EVGA X99 Micro have 6 phase, now they say 10 phases on X99 Micro 2...?
I don't know but boards with USB 3.1 ports on back side are better for people with i7-5820K 28 lanes
than boards with USB 3.1 Port Card.
ASRock was smartest with USB 3.1 card, they build with Type A and Type C connector on single card.
ASUS have two cards, one with 2xA, other with 1xC...
They are not aware what customers should sacrifice to install example both version on board.
two x8 PCIe slots occupied for something what should be on back side of motherboard.
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Vlada011EVGA X99 Micro have 6 phase, now they say 10 phases on X99 Micro 2...?
The picture appears to show 6 phase again.
The aux fan and USB3 ports on the bottom edge of the board would make it hard to install in a small case or even one with a large PSU blocking the fan connectors.
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I don't know for small case but in mid tower example E-ATX board with same type of connectors have enough place for installation.
Only one thing is problem, additional PCI-E power connector on X99 Classified need to be installed before PSU. But again is better on bottom than below CPU socket.
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nice board, and its good to see how far they could make it in smaller package without losing mostly need features
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