Tuesday, December 5th 2006

TechPowerUp! Reference Wiki is open for business

The techPowerUp! Reference Wiki is officially completed, and open for public editing. The Reference Wiki requires a fresh registration (with only alphanumeric characters and no spaces), and will not recognize a techPowerUp! Forums login.
You do not have to be registered to write or edit an article, and we look forward to having all sorts of good articles. If you have something to share, or are looking for a good read, please visit the Wiki.Source: techPowerUp!
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Graphical Hacker
Nice, I will be sure to add how horrible it has been here. :D
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looks nice Wizzard.......but god help us from those PowerUsers....are they allowed..lol...

Long Live PowerUsers!!:rockout:
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Nice! This could be great after a few months. I've already tried adding a bit to a few pages, and it works brilliantly.

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fun fun :)
making pages (well, stubs :) ) on whatever comes to mind thats relevant :)
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way to go .. this wikiing is really addictive i must say :)
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Senior Moderator
I assume we can post all the old and new techpowerup! hardware reviews as well as the articles to the wikki. Correct?
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Yea, I was made aware of this by Jimmy 2004: He added material from these sticky thread posts here in these forums I did...

(The sticky thread(s), because he hit 2 of them I did & was nice enough to credit me as well, that I authored regarding "Securing Windows Services" & "Windows Startup Group & Registry RUN (+ others too) areas: ) :

To this site's know-how base & wiki, here:


Sticky thread - securing services URL


WIKI Securing Windows Services



Sticky Thread - Registry RUN & Startup Group + more


WIKI Windows Startup Group & Registry "RUN" Areas + others areas of startup



(And, 'as-per-usual', as I stated in both of the original sticky threads? IF you can find or add points I missed?? Have @ it, & improve them by all means!)


* Pretty cool to see I "made-the-grade" for this site in that capacity as well, above & beyond a 'sticky thread' only!


P.S.=> Thanks Jimmy 2004: It's just good stuff to know... & it works for performance + security!

The latter URL of mine above though, quite a few folks know about, it's NOT original thought totally imo!

(Though I know I have the oldest article out there online there is regarding that & more, it's the writers of the OS for the reghack parts imo mostly for making a TUNEABLE OS FAMILY, moreso than DOS ever was, & older models of Windows, even 9x series, in the NT-based ones we use now)

However, the securing services first one might really be original!

(I say that, because the MS article for it came out AFTER my sticky thread here & other forums (SETI@Home) I put that out some years back... but you don't see it widely practiced & imo, it ought to be)... apk
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just typed up a nice long in-depth water cooling article. more to come later :)
we should talk to cathar about getting permission to use some of his images; he has a lot of really good graphs, such as a few showing how much pump is enough/how much is too much.
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