Wednesday, December 6th 2006

ATI Loses Graphics Market Share to NVIDIA

It was only a matter of time before ATI starts losing market share after the AMD acquisition. According to Jon Peddie Research, ATI's share of the computer-oriented graphics market dropped from 28 per cent in Q2 to 23 per cent in Q3. Market leader Intel's share remained at 40 per cent, but NVIDIA, VIA and SiS all recorded rises, reaching 22 per cent, ten per cent and five per cent, respectively. NVIDIA's market share rose two percentage points. NVIDIA also grew its share of the desktop graphics market, to 25 per cent, JPR said. ATI still holds leader position in the mobile market. Its share fell to 24 per cent, while NVIDIA reached 19 per cent in the quarter. Source: Reg Hardware
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Jimmy 2004
Well ATI still has a greater share than Nvidia which surprises me with DX10 on the 8800s. Admittedly when ATI's new cards come out you would expect its share to rise once again.
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I agree. It only makes sense that Nvidia got a boost with the 8800's release. THe future still looks bright to me.
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yea thats right its only because of the 8800 series i think alot of people dig the dx10 support because it would last but when the r600 comes out it would probably go back to normal
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Don't think that nv's market share will go up too much cause of 2 cards (g80, gts,gtx). usually its only enthusiasts who buy the best cards available. If they had released the entire series of g8x cards though, then it would be a different story, considering how nvidia pwns the midrange segment.
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Doesnt this have to do with AMD taking over ATI and not the actual sales of videocards? Shares may go down b/c changes in ownership alone, and not the sales of cards...and i agree a little with Prime95, the g80 line is for enthusiasts, i dont see that being the main reason Nvidias shares to rise....
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AMD had not been advertising the ATI brand and has also decided to not produce video cards themselve's. They will focus on GPU production and leave the video card adssembly to other companies and thats why I believe they are loosing in the market. Bad decisions by AMD.
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My stars went supernova
and were did you hear this?
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Nvidia realy has dropped the ball with regards to not releasing a mid ranges card for dx10 yet but no doubt they are waiting for the AMD option before they risk amd leapfrogging their current top product making them create an even faster product to counter making the 8800 series their mid range product
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