Wednesday, December 6th 2006

Kingston Introduces HyperX PC9200 and PC9600 High Performance Memory

Kingston announced today the HyperX PC9200(1150MHz) and PC9600(1200MHz) high performance memory. Both HyperX memory modules are rated at CL5-5-5-15 timings with 2.3-2.35V operational voltage. For optimal performance, Kingston recommends motherboards designed by ASUS based on the latest NVIDIA nForce 600 series and Intel i965 chipsets. Kingston's HyperX PC9200 and PC9600 memory modules are currently available in 512MB and 1GB single channel, as well as 1GB and 2GB dual channel kits. Each module endures 24 hours of burn-in reliability testing, extensive dynamic testing and visual inspection. Kingston's memory comes with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 technical support. Source: iXBT
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2 Comments on Kingston Introduces HyperX PC9200 and PC9600 High Performance Memory

Thats pretty damn fast, faster than the theoretical maximum of ddr2 :-O. I wonder if there will be any motherboards that will actually support these! (by support i mean written as acceptable by the motherboard manufacturer and not just the fact that they work :P)
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eVGA 680i should take advantage of it. 680i chipset is designed to harness a maximum of 1200Mhz memory. That would be QUITE the overclock for an X6800
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