Wednesday, December 6th 2006

ATI to Introduce New Entry-Level Video Cards for Vista

ATI is about to introduce new entry-level graphics accelerator dubbed X1050 later this month. The new chip is set to replace the X300 and X550 cards from the market. It will be clocked at 400MHz core and 666MHz memory. It will support both 64- and 128- bit memory interfaces. Source: theINQ
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7 Comments on ATI to Introduce New Entry-Level Video Cards for Vista

It's better than mine lol.
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doubtful...from what i have read, the dx10 mid range cards from ATI wont be out till summer or so...and we all know that ATI uses diff. calanders then we do:laugh: , so i would think by their calander, early fall
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400MHz core and 666MHz memory.
OC the core to 666 as well, and call it the Ultimate Evil edition.
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I wonder how much cheaper this will be then the X1300s?
Doubt it would even be worth it
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id love it if these manufacterers went back to just 3 cards per series.
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i bet these cards will be an 'amazing' addition to ati's low and mid range lineup....... /ack
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