Thursday, December 7th 2006

Sony Releases PS3 v1.30 Firmware

Sony released today new system software update version 1.30 for PlayStation 3 consoles. This is the second update released since the PS3 official start three weeks ago. Among the key updates is support for a Blu-ray Disc remote control, and the ability to select the output format for BD/DVD video through an HDMI cable. If you plan to update your PS3 system, to software version 1.30, please click here.Source: PlayStation
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2 Comments on Sony Releases PS3 v1.30 Firmware

Be nice if I could find one to upgrade :rolleyes:
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Bird of Prey
Yes it would...

and if they didnt cost like 600 bucks. Personally, I am going to get me one, just not now. Probably towards next summer where they should have most of the kinks worked out of them. That is how I did my Xbox360 and got the platinum bundle 2 games an extra controller, media remote, et all for $499 with shipping. The dude made like $200 because he had a $200 best buy gift card so. WHEE!
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